Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Week of February

Birdhouse Cookies, from Dean and Deluca

What shall we do with our last week of February? Spring is coming slowly, and it's not yet time to put away winter.


  • Start the day off by finding two things to throw away. Old cosmetics? A mismatched sock you despair of finding the mate to? Recycle a magazine you intended to, but know you won't get around to reading?

  • Take inventory of your firewood, fireplace matches, and kindling supplies. It's still cold at night - would your family members like to come home to a cheerful, cozy fire tonight?

  • How are your supplies of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot cider mix and other warm wintry beverages?

  • Are you hosting any upcoming parties or festivities? A dinner party, Easter party, child's birthday party maybe? If so, time to get out a pen and paper to make notes and lists and get your party organized!


Rain Jacket, at Eddie Bauer

When guests visit, do they have somewhere to hang their coats? They wouldn't in my house, as the coat hook on my wall is full of purses and dog leashes; and my coat closet is cramped and in total disarray.

Tonight after dinner, I'm going to put on a silly TV show (maybe Frasier) on in the background, and then tackle my coat closet. I'll remove everything from the closet, vacuum the carpet, then sort and organize things before I put them back inside. I expect this project to take not much more than twenty minutes.

I've already discovered a lightweight purple jacket I'd forgotten about. Now I'm trying to remove things that logically don't belong in the coat closet. It's ok for a couple game boxes to sit up on the shelf, and for gloves, scarves and knitted hats to be here. But why did I find an old fashioned video camera and video tape in here? And a part to a vacuum I haven't owned for five years?

I'll have to decide if I really use my Swiffer sweeper enough to keep it in the closet - it keeps falling out and annoying me. Am I just keeping it around because it's long shape makes it difficult to throw away in my trash can?

Tomorrow I'll be reaching into an orderly closet when I grab my coat before going out on errands!

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