Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, Deep in the Heart of Winter

My snowdrops have come up! I'm so grateful to whoever planted these in my front yard so many years ago

It's a new week, and I'm trying to have a good attitude about the rain, cold and winter. I do love winter, so I will try to appreciate some of the nice things it brings. Still, I'm excited to see snowdrops appearing in my yard. Daffodils will be next!


  • Are you ready for whatever you need for your Valentine's Day tomorrow? I can't find a red dress to wear, and I need to wrap the presents I'm giving a friend and my sister.

  • Have you checked your child's online grades in the last couple weeks?

  • Can you think of any relatives you should give a cheerful phone call to tomorrow? In my case, my grampa is probably going to be missing my grandmother tomorrow. She died a year ago and this would have been their 70th Valentine's Day together. I bet he'd love to hear from his favorite granddaughter - so I'd better remind my sister to call him (hehe).

  • Do something to add love or color to your house today. Whatever that may mean to you and your family.

  • Any leftovers from the weekend your family should eat up or toss out tonight?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Winter Homemaking

I picked up these unusual flowers for $2.49 each at Trader Joe's today.

These are called Calceloria.

I'll put them in my kitchen, which features orange, rust and yellow colors.

Today, do something to take care of several of your possessions that make winter tolerable. Dust off a bookcase; wipe off your rain boots; clean out the fireplace; dig old wax out of your votive holders and install fresh new candles; sort out your tea cupboard; launder a fluffy throw; wipe off your crockpot; scour your baking sheets; clean out the cupboard where you store your baking supplies.

A little time and care spent now ensures you can continue to enjoy winter's comforts while still awaiting the delights of Spring.

LOVELY BLOGS: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Bridget's beautifully clean, inspiring baking and cooking blog. Recent posts I've enjoyed include yogurt hollandaise (that looks so good!); her recipe for sausage and spinach stuffed shells; her gorgeous heart-shaped chocolate sugar cookies; and her marinated roasted tofu will probably make an appearance on my dinner table very soon.

LOVELY FASHION: Kate Spade's New Japanese Floral Pattern

I can't really afford anything from Kate Spade, but I don't feel bad about it. I'll just treat myself to five minutes of browsing the lovely new Japanese floral pattern introduced this month. It's being used on jewelry, purses, clothing, and shoes. So modern and fresh looking!

Japanese Floral Harmony Patterned Items, at Kate Spade

LOVELY FOOD: Cremes Parisiennes

I'm always on the lookout for an unusual dessert gift to send to friends or family. I don't want to send a boring box of chocolates, a stereotypical gift of boxed cookies, or the like. Here's a lovely and unusual gift you can order shipped to your next relative with a birthday, or for an Easter celebration. I've never tasted fondant creams, but I'm willing to risk that these are tasty enough to surprise someone with.

Cremes Parisiennes, at Dean & Deluca


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