Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Care of the Little Things

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Even the most well-maintained home has a list of several small, annoying things that need to get done. If we let all of these pile up, soon we are left with a disorganized home, a disappointing day or two spent doing annoying errands, and maybe even a sense of dread.

Today I'm working on a few "little things" that need doing. It will feel so good to have them checked off my list.


  • When's the last time you sanitized your telephones, keyboards and remote controls? Take a couple quick minutes to grab a Clorox wipe and wipe down your landline, cell phones, Blackberries, keyboards, video game controllers, and keyboards.

  • Check over your kitchen gloves, bathroom gloves, sponges and scrubbers. Anything getting worn out or holey? Need to toss anything and buy new supplies?

  • Take just two minutes to grab a sponge, a cloth and your stainless steel cleaning spray and really make your kitchen sink shine (if it needs it).

  • What are you doing for fun this weekend? Make plans with your friends and family before the weekend begins.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Taking Care of the Little Things

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What's on your list of little (yet necessary) things that you need to do around the house or get done for yourself? Take some time today to either get these things done, or make a concrete plan to get them done over the weekend.

Some of your things might require taking time off work (ie, waiting for an electrician, the cable guy or a plumber), so plan far ahead. If you have a child home sick from school anytime this winter, use that day at home with them to schedule last-minute appointments, if possible, with carpet cleaners, plumbers, home maintenance professionals, etc.

What's on my list:

  • Fix a broken shelf on one of my bookcases.

  • Send in my payment to get my tabs renewed

  • Drop off my dry cleaning

  • Stop by a pet store to find a dog backpack so my dog can haul his own water on our long walks

  • Replace two extremely ugly forced air heating vents with new brass ones. This is a bit difficult as they're not a standard size. I'll have to take them personally to Home Depot and see if they can help me. My home will look better with two brand new shiny brass heating vents instead of the old dirty ugly beige ones.

  • Replace my 20 year old fire extinguisher with a new one.

  • Buy and install a carbon monoxide detector

  • Replace my extremely old smoke detector

  • Replace the soiled moldy old shower curtain in the guest bathroom.

What's on your list of annoying little things that need to be done so your house isn't slowly crumbling down around you?

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