Friday, March 09, 2012

A Bit of Light Spring Cleaning

India Tree Pastel Sanding Sugars, for Easter, from Sur la Table


  • Tidy your house for the weekend. Empty trash cans and take out recycling; empty and fill dishwasher as needed; wipe down kitchen sink and counters; wipe down bathroom sinks and counters; replace hand towels in kitchen and bathrooms; remove clutter from mail table and coffee table; straighten magazines; take items piled on the stairs to their proper homes.

  • Make weekend socializing plans if you haven't already.

  • Throwing a Saint Patrick's Day party next weekend? Have you invited people, made your menu, done your shopping?

  • Daylight Saving Time reverts again on Sunday. Don't forget to change your clocks, computers, car clock, cell phones and watches on Saturday night. "Spring forward."

TODAY'S PROJECT: Light Spring Cleaning

We're staying in tonight, reading books and watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

But before we settle in with our blankets, books, pets, fire and hot cocoa, I'll embark on a project to dust and clean all the paintings, photographs, mirrors and other framed items in my home. This will require just a feather duster, a rag and some Windex. I don't have very much framed artwork so this won't take long.

Later tonight after a couple episodes have been enjoyed and chapters devoured, I will work on my second project. I'm shining all the doorknobs in my home, inside and out. I have around eleven doors in my house, so about 22 doorknobs will be cleaned today. They're all brass, so I'm using Brasso. The next thing I need to use Brasso on is my two outdoor lights, one on either side of my garage, but I probably shouldn't be climbing around in the cold and rain on ladders in the dark tonight. I'll add it to my Quick Things to Do Today list tomorrow.

My last quick project, if I have the energy, is to wipe down all the light switches and electrical outlets in my home - plus the walls around them, if there are fingerprints or spiderwebs. I really don't like the look of grimy light switches, so I hope I can get this done today. I won't have to do it again for a few months!

In between watching our show, I can also summon up the energy to toss a load of towels, and later, sheets into the washer and dryer. That way I won't fall behind, and tomorrow I won't be bogged down doing laundry instead of bigger chores.

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