Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of the Month and the End of Spring Cleaning

It's the end of the month. Look back over your March, reflecting on how you did on your personal goals. Did you accomplish things you set out to do? Did you create a happy balance between work, family, friends, kids, pets, and yourself? You ate healthily, treated yourself on occasion, exercised, stuck to your budget? Tried new things?

Don't beat yourself up over areas in which you haven't met your goals. Be realistic about it, and then tell yourself you'll do better in April!


  • Use up, eat and enjoy any fruit in your fruit bowl. Around here nobody else other than me will eat fruit unless it's peeled and sliced for them, so I spend time every afternoon preparing ready-to-eat fruit to set out on the kitchen counter.

  • Water houseplants as needed, and turn them around so the other half gets extra light this week.

  • If you're a member of a book club, are you caught up with the book for this month?

  • Make note of any Spring Cleaning tasks you might not have gotten to this month, and put them on your to-do list for April.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Tidying Up for Guests and Packing for My Birthday Weekend

The Ralph Lauren jersey dress I bought myself for my birthday this week!

I'm going to Las Vegas in a couple days to celebrate my birthday. (My 43rd, if you are curious!) It's been very difficult to arrange, since I now have a teenager I'm responsible for and three boy cousins I'm heavily involved in raising. I'm so grateful to the family members who are helping make this possible by babysitting, being emergency contacts, helping me get errands done, and to my cousin who is going on the trip with me.

Tonight I'm packing my bags, doing last minute errands and paperwork, and cleaning my house so I come home (hopefully) to a restful place.

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