Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring

Decorative Bunny Centerpiece, from Cost Plus World Market

Late last night while we slept, was the vernal equinox. Today is the first day of Spring. I'm hoping it's another sunny day here in Seattle - it will encourage me to do my work faster in hopes of taking my dogs to their sunny dog park for a run!

Do something to celebrate Spring today. Go for a walk, wear a pink flowery dress, buy tulips or daffodils for your home, or nibble on an Easter treat.


  • Is it time to change your home heating system's filters? Mine is getting dirty, so I'm off to Home Depot after work today.

  • Time to connect your garden hoses back up?

  • Sweep front porch and entryway if needed. I worked so hard on my spring cleaning projects yesterday, I neglected normal household maintenance. I don't like stepping on grit or dirt when I'm walking barefoot on my wood floors!

  • See if you can work $3 or $4 into your budget this week for some bright daffodils to perk up your living room.

  • Go outside your house, standing as far out as the street curb. Look at your house carefully. Do you see any problems? Is your paint holding up well? No cracked windows, no burned out light bulbs? Any gardening issues you need to put on your to-do list? Weeds growing in cracks in the driveway? Moss that needs to be removed? Make a list of things to take care of so your home is beautiful from the front as well as on the inside.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Laundry Room Spring Cleaning

Bamboo Laundry Basket, from Cost Plus World Market

Here's a room of my house that gets used every single day. It's a combination laundry room, bathroom, dog food and toy storage room, and cleaning supplies storage area. Our dogs' water bowls are stored in this room, and their constant running in and out to drink (and slop water) means the laminate floor gets wet and dirty often.

The washer and dryer are seemingly running all day long, and we usually aren't perfectly good about putting away our clean laundry or the stockings we've hung to dry.

My project tonight is to thoroughly overhaul, clean and sort the laundry room and its cupboards. I expect the project to take just an hour.

I'll need to scrub the toilet and sink (even though I cleaned them thoroughly a week ago during my bathroom spring cleaning - they could sure use cleaning again), mop the floor, dust the baseboards, tidy the candle storage cupboard, sort the dogs toys, empty the trash can, and wipe the bathroom mirror. I'll have my teenager help me move the washer and dryer to sweep behind them, and wipe down the walls.

Next I'll sort and organize my laundry detergents and the toilet paper and paper towels I have stored in this room.

Last, I need badly to sort the cleaning supplies cupboard. There's nothing I can throw out, but I can note if I have too much of a product (does owning 3 cans of dusting spray mean I'm not dusting often enough, or buying too many products?) or need to add anything to my shopping list.

Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Linen Spray, on Amazon

How are you doing on laundry detergent, stain remover, linen spray for your sheets and towels to smell nice, fabric softener if you use that, dryer sheets, etc?

Tomorrow when I do laundry (a load of darks, a load of whites and probably some towels) I'll be doing them in a sparkling clean, organized laundry room - although by then it will probably have some more dog drool on the floor! That's life.

LOVELY BLOGS: Martha Stewardess

"Living at 34,000 Feet." This flight attendant shares news from the world of professional air travel. I find her articles really fascinating, from 10 Ways to Avoid Being That Annoying Airline Passenger to Yes, Your Airline Seat May be Bedbug Infested and A Survival Guide for Flying Village-Class." She's also recently posted about 5 smart phone apps you should fly with, and breastfeeding on planes while making your child wear a boobie beanie. If you travel more than occasionally, I bet you'll really enjoy this blog.


LOVELY FASHION: Kate Spade Debut Watch Collection

Kate Spade has just introduced a line of watches for the first time. There are many different styles, but my favorite are the Carousel bangles. However, I sheepishly have to admit I'm not great at telling time on analog watch faces. I need a digital watch, so I probably won't be springing for any of these lovely watches. I'll just sigh and enjoy looking at these pictures instead.

Watches, at KateSpade.com


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