Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Closet

In order to buy this striped Ralph Lauren dress I've been hoping to add to my spring business wardrobe, I'm making myself get rid of three dresses I no longer wear.


  • Tidy up your home for the weekend (either before you leave for work or right after you get home tonight). Empty wastebaskets; take out trash and recycling; wipe stove and kitchen sink; straighten mail table; remove items off stairs and/or dining table; de-clutter coffee table; straighten and organize newspapers, recycling old ones; remove shoes from front doorway as needed.

  • Need to fill up with gas for the weekend, stop by an ATM for cash, pick up a Redbox DVD?

  • Make plans for your weekend socializing if you haven't already.

  • Can you build in some quiet time, some down time for yourself this weekend?


A lovely dress for Spring that I have my eye on: Melon Ball dress from Anthropologie

Tonight when I get home from dinner, I'm going to pour a glass of wine (or hmm.. whiskey!) and then take everything out of my closet and throw it on the bed. I'll examine each piece of clothing for wear and tear, attractiveness, and whether or not I've worn it in the last six months since I sorted my closet back in the Fall.

Any items I'm not sure about will need to be tried on; items I've worn recently and know I enjoy can go right back in the closet.

By the end of this evening, I expect to have an orderly closet full of clothes I'm likely to wear; a pile to donate; a pile to dry clean; and a few ratty Tshirts and things not nice enough to donate, sitting in my trash can.

Because I work to keep my closet fairly organized and clean every week, and because I so thoroughly sorted back in the fall, I expect tonight's project to only take two to three hours at the most. (I'll work on my shoes tomorrow).

I'll finish by vacuuming the carpeted floor of the closet and replacing the only four items that should be on the floor: my suitcase, my overnight bag, my laundry bin and a plastic storage bin of off-season clothes.

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