Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Drop Off Day

The hideously unattractive picture above is actually of my car crammed full of things for Drop Off Day. I spent just two hours today pulling unwanted things from my garage, piling them into the car, and driving around town to drop them off.

Today I dropped off:

  • Two bags of clean, barely worn clothing at the clothing donation box

  • A brand new, never used Hello Kitty toaster; two baby swings, still in working condition, at the Goodwill van

  • Two cat carriers (why we had four carriers when we only have two cats, I have no idea) at the Seattle Humane Society

  • Six bags of plastic bags at the plastic bag recycling bin at Fred Meyer

  • Two working televisions at the PC Recycle place. (One TV was monstrously big and too old for Goodwill; the smaller one has sat unused in my garage for six years).

  • A stack of gently read paperback books to the book donation bin

It feels SO great to have a Drop Off day, getting rid of things I don't need and won't use again, sending them to good homes (but only things in nearly new and good condition of course) I managed to clear out a nice 4x4 section of the garage that now has nothing in it.

Now the key to maintaining this less-cluttered garage is to stop bringing unnecessary things home whenever possible. Shop less, buy less, and only acquire things I need!

I challenge you to schedule a Drop Off Day for yourself next weekend. It's super easy, you can probably do all the driving in an hour or a bit less, and you'll feel great when you get home to your less-cluttered home.

LOVELY BABY: Gymboree's Strawberry Line for Spring

I think I'm not going to be able to control myself next time I wander into Gymboree if this Too Berry Cute strawberry-themed line is still stocked. It's not warm yet enough in Seattle to dress baby girls in most of these outfits. But come a few sunny days, I'll sure be tempted to pick up an outfit or two for a friend's adorable daughter. Check out the set's matching strawberry crib sandals!

So Berry Cute, at Gymboree

LOVELY BLOGS: Moveable Feasts

"Feasts for the palate, the eye and the mind." This lovely cooking blog features delicious sounding recipes like Orange Yogurt and Polenta Cake, Jasmine Shortbread Sandwiches with Grapefruit Curd, and Yogurt Flatbreads with Barley and Mushrooms. You can tell this blogger not only reads a lot of cookbooks, but actually utilizes them too!

LOVELY FRAGRANCE: Paddywax's New Wanderlust Collection

I'm taking one of Paddywax's new travel tins with me on my birthday trip to Las Vegas. I can't decide between Paris, scented with lavendar and mimosa, and London, fragranced with tea leaves and bergamot.

The Wanderlust Collection, at Paddywax


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