Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Entryway

Springtime Nest with Chocolate Eggs, from Williams-Sonoma


  • Spiff up your home for the weekend. Empty or fill dishwasher as needed; wipe kitchen counters; empty trash can and take out recycling; wipe bathroom sinks and counters; replace hand towels in bathrooms and kitchen. De-clutter entryway, mail table, coffee table and dining table as needed. Toss out dead flowers, line up remotes neatly, fold throws and blankets, make beds.

  • Fill up with gas and visit an ATM for cash if needed for the weekend

  • Make weekend socialization plans if you haven't already. Build in some down time for yourself too though.

  • Lay out something pretty to wear tonight or tomorrow when you go out.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Cleaning: Entryway

Charge and Sort Entryway System, from Pottery Barn

Today I'm cleaning and organizing the entryway to my home. As this is the first thing family members and visitors see when they enter my home, it's a very important area. I work hard to enforce standards so that it's not cluttered up every day, but there are still some tasks that should be done during Spring Cleaning.

I'll begin by cleaning the two brass outdoor lights on either side of my garage, and replacing a burned out light bulb in one of them.

We keep our shoes in baskets under the mail table. Those will be shaken out, aired, and the mail table dusted before the baskets are replaced. The mail table needs to be moved so I can sweep and mop under it - there's likely a ton of accumulated pet hair there.

I'll dust baseboards, wash walls, clean the mirror hanging on the entry wall, and mop floors. The entryway rug and door mat will be shaken and beaten outdoors, then replaced on the cleaned and dried floors.

The mail table's three drawers need to be sorted and decluttered, and mail sorted, processed and filed away. I need to remove the collection of cell phone, laptop, Kindle and camera chargers that has accumulated near the plugs in this room.

Next, an end table that holds candles, framed photos and houseplants needs to be dusted, cleaned and de-cluttered too. The last thing I will do is sweep the steps leading up to my porch, and the porch itself.

I'll finish by spritzing a refreshing spring room spray throughout the entryway. We'll come home after dinner tonight to a fresh smelling, welcoming home.

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Lori said...

Your spring cleaning posts have been so inspiring! It's really helping me keep plowing through my own house. You make it sound so nice and simple, thanks for being so encouraging!