Friday, March 02, 2012

Spring Cleaning Preparation

Pansy Wreath, from Williams-Sonoma

Today I begin my Spring Cleaning regimen. It's divided into small tasks for weekdays, and larger projects for weekends. Doing it this way keeps me free to enjoy life and leisure activities, instead of fretting about cleaning, but ensures my home gets thoroughly cleaned for Spring, too.


  • Need to do any handwashing of laundry? Stockings, perhaps, or lingerie?

  • Tonight, will you be sleeping in freshly laundered pajamas or nightgown?

  • Try to toss out one ratty old T-shirt, two if you possibly can. I bet we all have five or six we could get rid of if we were determined enough!

  • Slice fresh fruit and leave it out on the counter for yourself and your family to enjoy today.

  • It only takes about 5 minutes to stir a box mix of muffins, cranberry bread or banana bread, 10 seconds to pop it into the oven, 10 seconds to take them out when done, and a couple minutes to clean up. Have you baked fresh muffins for your family lately?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Cleaning Preparation

Method Home Pink Grapefruit All Surface Cleaner

Today I'm preparing for my Spring Cleaning which I'll accomplish bit by bit over the weeks ahead. I'll take inventory of my spring cleaning supplies and products, which I store in my laundry room and under the kitchen sink (protected by child proof cabinet locks).

I know I have plenty of floor cleaner and Lysol, and I just bought a bottle of dusting spray. But I'm not sure how I'm doing on granite cleaner, glass stovetop cleaner, oven cleaner, or Febreze for my curtains.

Besides gathering up my cleaning products, I'll get out my brooms, mops, gloves, sponges, clean rags, bucket, and the extender that helps me change lightbulbs and wipe cobwebs off the ceiling.

Tomorrow I'll have everything I need to start my spring cleaning projects.

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