Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Dare a Day in May

This month I'm daring myself to do something every single day to de-clutter my house and my life. I'll dare you too! Let's see if we can push ourselves to do some difficult but necessary small de-cluttering tasks.


I dare you to go to your rag pile (where you keep cleaning cloths, old cut up towels, soft diapers or other textiles you use to clean with) and select your two worst rags to get rid of. Recycle them if fabric recycling is available to you, or just toss them.

I bet you, like me, have stockpiled way more rags than you actually need and use on a weekly basis. We often think we'll have some future emergency where we need tons of clean rags. Sure, we'll need a few. Maybe even several (I'm thinking of my three nephews and multiple pets right now).

Let's start this project off with a baby step. I dare you to live a lovelier life by throwing away two rags without hesitation right now.


  • Prepare something from spring's fresh veggies for this week's meals. Think asparagus, snap peas, rhubarb, new potatoes, artichokes, and strawberries. Yum!

  • Are any farmers' markets open where you live yet? Now that it's May, a few near me will open soon. I can't wait to shop for my produce at a farmers' market again!

  • If you're throwing a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend, have you done your party planning, invitations, grocery shopping and house cleaning?

  • Need to do any mid-week laundry or vacuuming to keep your house well maintained? Does the kitchen need a quick once-over so you aren't spending Friday or your weekend catching up on cleaning?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Letter Writing

I have several thank-you notes to write (a few for my birthday trip to Vegas, a few for my trip with my nephews to Palm Springs, and several for my birthday gifts).

Also, I've missed a couple birthdays in the last week, and have a few more coming up. I'll use my quiet time tonight to write cards, wrap gifts, package, stamp and mail these all to my friends and relatives. I think I'll do this without the TV on - maybe I'll put on some relaxing music and really be present in the moment while writing my cards.

LOVELY BLOGS: Hampton Hostess

This blogger sadly doesn't have her "About me" page filled out, so I don't know her name. She blogs about style, food, decor, entertaining, and travel. Lovely recent posts I've enjoyed include an article on zig zag home decor patterns, some outstanding, amazing floral hats at an awards luncheon in NYC recently, bold prints, and David Hicks' hexagonal wallpapers. Lots of beautiful things to glimpse here.

LOVELY FASHION: Cake by Petunia

I've drooled over Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags for years, but alas, my lack of an infant made me feel too silly to buy one. They also make purses, however, and I'm enjoying browsing through their new collection of cake-themed satchels, carryalls, clutches and pocketbooks. Pictured above is a "Berry Chiffon" satchel I'm contemplating purchasing.

LOVELY HOME: Cabana Collection Candles

I can't wait for my local gift shop to stock the new Cabana line from Archipelago Botanicals. Not only do I want to find a couple yummy summer scents for my home, I think these candles would make fabulous hostess gifts. I'm looking forward to smelling Bermuda (Citrus, Mango & Papaya), Ibiza (Spanish Moss, Bergamot & Lemon Leaf) and Aruba (Citron, Sweet Neroli & Clementine). I'll skip the one with coconut, not my favorite! The fragrances also come in travel tins, which I tend not to buy - I never seem to remember to pack them in my luggage.

Cabana Collection, from Archipelago Botanicals


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