Monday, May 07, 2012

Dare for the Day in May: Nail Polish

OPI "Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection" for Summer 2012, at Beautezine


I bet I am not the only one here who owns far too many nail polishes - yet wears the same 1 or 2 colors 95% of the time.

Today I dare you to sort through your nail polishes, coming up with one you know you'll enjoy but wear rarely, and two (or more) you can bear to throw away, right now.

(Now every time I mention throwing something away on Lovely Living, there's always a person or two who gasps in abject horror, "NO! donate it! Recycle it!". You might have a teenager who would actually use the colors you're getting rid of. But otherwise, we don't donate yucky used things to charities, only nice things. Chances are if you didn't enjoy your nail polish color and use it, nobody else would either. It's not worth the time and chemicals to get your nail polish out of the eensy glass bottle to recycle the bottle, and I bet your recycling company wouldn't accept the bottle anyway. Chuck it into the landfill and do your part next time to keep trash out of the landfill, by not buying new nail polish unless you're absolutely out the ones you already have.)

I dare you to put on a color you haven't worn in a long time today, either on your toes or fingernails; and I dare you (and myself) to get rid of a minimum of two colors you know you won't actually be using. (Mine are a weird metallic light silvery blue I thought would look nice in summer, but is too light; and a bright orange I got for summer that doesn't look good on me after all).

Let's use and enjoy our things we own, and de-clutter the things that aren't actually making our lives lovelier. I dare you.

LOVELY BLOGS: Almanac of Eats

Every day this year, blogger Steph Deschenes is attempting to eat whatever is the "National Day of..." food for that day. So on Sunday, she ate Crepe Suzettes, and yesterday she made a vegan version of roast leg of lamb. I like her quirky attitude and her enthusiasm. Wish her blog had a weekly index so it was easier to browse recent posts.

LOVELY TV: Hotel Impossible

I just discovered this new Travel Channel show, which premiered back in April. Struggling hotels hire Anthony Melchiorri to come fix their problems. So far he's assisted hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, South Beach, the Hamptons, and given advice to a struggling resort & spa in Livermore, California.

I don't get to travel and stay in hotels much anymore (too many kids now!) so I like vicarious visuals of hotels. As a business person, I'm intrigued by the steps recommended in solving the hotels' problems. I love seeing the hotels' decor, but also learning more about the behind-the-scenes work - maintenance, laundry, reception, etc. Check out this clip on hotel front desk etiquette.

Hotel Impossible, at the Travel Channel


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