Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day

A lovely, colorful flowerbed, sadly one not belonging to me!

Happy May Day! Happy Beltane!


  • It's the first of the month - time to pay rent, bills, or mortgage?

  • Look over your calendar for May. What upcoming events are you looking forward to? Any birthdays or anniversaries you need to send cards, gifts or flowers for? Any birthday parties to plan?

  • Need to schedule any vet, doctor, dentist, or salon appointments for yourself or family members?

  • When's the last time you got your carpets cleaned? Time to schedule an appointment?

  • Shake out any throw rugs or doormats; sweep entryway and front porch. Get rid of last month's dirt, begin the month fresh and new.

  • Celebrate Spring. Go for a walk, eat a meal outdoors, go on a picnic, work in your garden, etc.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Setting Up for Summer

My outdoor office

I work at home, and as soon as the weather is warm enough, I set up my outdoor office and work outside. (Sometimes I do have to wear a coat). My dogs are happier, keeping me company nearby and playing in the yard. And I can't hear my home phone, which rings unnecessarily often during my work hours. Bonus!

I keep my office set up with a minimal amount of items. A candle holder or two, a pitcher of iced tea and a glass to drink it out of, my laptop (hooked up to a plug in the house via a very long extension cord), my cell phone, and the magazines I'm reading.

Today I'm getting my back yard ready for outdoor living and entertaining. We still have many rainy days ahead of us, so I'm only setting out items that can safely get rained on or windblown. (Obviously my phone, laptop and magazines come back in the house with me every time I leave or close down for the evening).

My tasks include:

  • Sweep, then hose down patio and deck

  • Throw out dead outdoor potted plants

  • Wash and Windex outdoor tables and fire pit table

  • Sweep off and wipe down outdoor chairs

  • Pick up dog poop (sigh)

  • Mow back yard

  • Wash outdoor vases and candleholders; fill with candles and flowers

  • Get out and set up outdoor umbrella

  • Inflate and fill backyard pool for dogs

  • Prepare fire pit and light bonfire to enjoy tonight

Later tonight, it will be wonderful to sit down dressed warmly, wrapped in a blanket, with a glass of wine (an inexpensive bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joe's), burn a bonfire, flip through Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn catalogs, and watch my dogs romp in their outdoor swimming pool.


I'm stocking my garage fridge with refreshing beverages for the sunny spring days ahead. Today I'm going to Whole Foods to pick up some Dry Soda. It's made by a company right here in Seattle. What I like is it's not diet soda (I don't like artificial sweeteners) but it's also not very high in sugars. The soda uses real cane sugar, but not much of it. My favorite flavor is Blood Orange, and on a hot summer day I like their Cucumber also. (Trying to get used to the Lavender but I don't think I'll become a fan any time soon).


LOVELY BLOGS:Cooking Melangery

"From saute to souffle." Gorgeous food photography showcases delicious recipes such as Cabbage Salad with Carrot & Apple, Onion Marmalade with Balsamic Fig Vinegar, and Four Grains Soup and Potato Stuffed Flatbread. The blogger, Yelena, writes from Newtown, Pennsylvania.


LOVELY SHOPS: Designs By Bora

Here's a delightful shop for crafting supplies. This Netherlands-based Etsy shop sells adorable fairytale fabrics, such as Little Forest orange woven ribbon, colorful trees on fabric, and cute Little Red Riding Hood fabric covered buttons. This is a charming shop to explore!



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Jen Milstead said...

I'm so super excited to get outside! My 6 month old son loves spending afternoons on the porch, eating lunch in his high chair and napping in his play pen. He'd be outside all day if he could, and I'd happily join him! My husband and I are building a fire pit this year to enjoy the chilly spring and fall evenings.

Carrie said...

I'm so glad to hear from a mom who isn't afraid to let their young infant go outside. I know far too many overprotective moms who would have their kid bundled up too warmly indoors and stuck inside the house all day!

And you're not afraid to get your high chair or playpen dirty by bringing them outside! way to go!