Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Day of July

Enjoying this summer evening outdoors with my dogs - reading and drinking iced tea, burning candles and incense, listening to sprinklers

Tonight is the last evening of July. I'm worried that summer is going by so quickly. I'm trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, knowing Seattle's long rainy fall and winter are coming.

There's still a month or more of summer though. What will you do to enjoy yours?


  • Have you enjoyed any berries, cherries or other summer fruits this week?

  • Slice up some oranges or cucumbers and put them in a pitcher of water. Keep the pitcher in your refrigerator so you can pull it out for a refreshing healthy drink for yourself and your family tonight.

  • If you enjoy watching the Olympics, are you making time to do that this week? I'm really busy, but I can get away with a bit of fun gymnastics and swimming viewing by paying bills, sorting laundry, dusting and decluttering my magazines while I watch.

  • Have you taken any good photos of your children this summer? If so, make time this weekend to print some out to send via snail mail to older relatives who might not be Flickr or Facebook savvy. If you haven't taken too many great shots this summer, be sure your camera is charged and ready to go this weekend. Then you'll be ready to capture those precious faces.

  • Look back over your July. How are you doing on your goals, whether budgeting, healthy eating, vice avoidance, quality time with friends and family, homemaking, crafting, writing, painting? What do you need to work on harder in August?

  • Pay any end-of-month bills.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Tidying Up Outdoors

Blue hydrangeas in my back yard

Tonight I'm tidying up my front and back porches, deck and patio, and my outdoor office. I'll sweep, then hose down the deck and patio; sweep the front steps; wipe down my outdoor office table (where I eat as many outdoor meals as possible lately); throw out some dead plants; do a bit of weeding; and remove any clutter.

I'm also using this sunny afternoon to air and sun my bed pillows. They'll smell so sweet and fresh when I'm done. I simply laid them on my deck railing. I'll have to remember to turn them over in about an hour.

After tonight my yard will be ready for the outdoor parties I'll throw this weekend - one a Family Pizza night, and the other a birthday party for a 12 year old.

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Blood Orange Aranciata

I wish I could find this drink in stores near my house. Whole Foods doesn't carry it, nor do my area Trader Joe's. I really want to try it! I love serving the other two flavors (Lemon and Orange) at my dinner parties. I'd also love to try their grapefruit flavor, Pompelmo.

LOVELY BLOGS: Fictional Food

"Bringing food from page to plate." This is quite possibly the coolest blog I've ever seen! I am enjoying this so much! This blogger (who desperately needs an About Me page!) creates food and recipes based on comics, movies, books, video games, and television shows. She (I assume it's a she) has created quite a few recipes based on The Hunger Games, as well as presenting luscious looking lemon cakes from Game of Thrones' A Feast of Ice and Fire; several recipes from Harry Potter and Twilight; and even a really cool Little Endless Cake based on Sandman.


Fictional Food on Facebook

LOVELY HOME: Mrs. Meyers New Bluebell Products

I'm disappointed that I can't find Bluebell (nor Mrs. Meyers other more unusual scents (Honeysuckle, Rhubarb) at the local stores I frequent most. ( Fred Meyer, Target, etc). I'm really eager to try out the new Bluebell line of cleaning products. The products are fragranced with summery lovely scents such as lemon, bergamot, jasmine, tuberose, lavender, and ginger. I'd love to pick up the countertop spray and all-purpose cleaner in this (we currently have tons of hand soaps and dish soaps).


Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing (Worth the Whisk

How to Make Easy Quick Pickles (CHOW)

Lambrusco Wants You Back: A Perfect Warm Weather Wine (NY Times)

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