Thursday, August 23, 2012

Decluttering Day

Colorful storage footlockers from The Container Store


  • Need to change or scoop cat litter? We sure do - both of our cats are turning up their noses at both of our litter boxes.

  • Made Labor Day weekend plans yet? Inviting people over, or going somewhere yourself? Finalize your plans and let people know what's going on.

  • Take inventory of your paper supplies: How well are you stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, Wet Wipes, Kleenex and Puffs for the upcoming cold season? Or do you have too many of such supplies, and you need to remind yourself not to buy any more for a couple months?

  • Wipe down microwave inside and out if needed. This took me less than 30 seconds, so I should do it more than once a week! This is a nice weeknight chore you can get over with quickly.

  • Wipe down front and sides of refrigerator (and top if you can reach it) with the same cloth or sponge you just used for the microwave.

  • Have you eaten fresh summer berries this week?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Decluttering Day

Today I am taking a walkthrough in every room of the house, decluttering as needed. I just took several magazines to the recycling box. Next I'll empty wastebaskets, move my stack of mail off the coffee table onto my desk, and carry stray dishes and water glasses to the dishwasher. As I walk through the house, I'll put various items I find back into their proper homes in closets, cabinets, and on shelves. Mystery items will get thrown out or recycled, to the horror of my teenager.

The dining table is clutter-free, and I'm proud I am good at keeping it that way. My outdoor patio table (where I work on sunny days) needs incense and spent matches removed, and dead candle ends thrown out.

Next I'll head into my downstairs living room for damage control. Remote controls need to be put back in their holding tray; there should only be one pen and notepad down here; two DVDs need to be reshelved; and a couple drinking glasses need to go to the dishwasher.

In the laundry room, I have a load of white towels that need to be folded or hung up and put away.

In the kitchen, I'll empty the recycling bin, fill and start the dishwasher, and try to see if I can remove some clutter from my kitchen counters.

Tonight while I watch TV, I plan to sort through a box of unused stationery. I hope to write a couple letters, but I really need to give this stationery away or recycle it, I have far too much of it.

What little steps can you take to declutter your own home tonight after work?

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Absolut Cherrykran

I'm thinking this is the perfect drink for easing out of summer and into autumn. It's flavored with cherry (which makes me think of summer) but also with autumn fruits like plum and cranberry. Yum! Picking some up next time I visit the liquor store.

Absolut Cherrykran at

LOVELY BLOGS: The Bennet Sisters

This blog celebrates all things Pride and Prejudice. Currently blogging about the author of Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy; a review of Dear Mr. Darcy; and a review of Death Comes to Pemberley.


Now that I'm doing better at carefully sticking to a thriftier budget, I'm doing my nails at home more often. No more paying for manicures! (I occasionally still can't help but treat myself to a pedicure for the relaxation factor). I'm tempted to pick up a bottle of Scotch Naturals (eco-friendly, non-toxic, and water-based) to try. Of course, since this is Decluttering Day, I have to promise to give away or throw out two of my existing nail polishes to make room for this. (I think I won't actually be wearing a couple of the weird blue shades I picked up a few years ago). I love so many of their colors here, I am not sure how I would pick one. But I definitely would stick with the pink or red tones so it's something I'd wear every time.


Fava: Greek Yellow Split Pea Puree (Worth the Whisk)

Outside-the-Box Breakfast Sandwiches (CHOW)

Pickled Corn (Bon Appetit)

Quick Pickled Corn (Martha Stewart)


Lori said...

I'm glad to see you posting again, I've missed your posts! You're so encouraging without making me feel bad about myself. :-)

Carrie said...

Thank you Lori! Nobody else commented or clicked Like on Facebook and I was kinda discouraged nobody wanted to say hi on my first post in months! Appreciate you taking the time to drop a note.