Saturday, September 08, 2012

Autumn Beauty Rituals

Smashbox Studio Pop for Eyes, at Sephora

I'm going out to lots of fun events this weekend (including a rare Girls Night Out). I want to look my best, so it's time to work on my appearance, hygiene and wardrobe.

It's time to exfoliate, moisturize, shave, give myself a manicure, touch up my pedicure, touch up my roots, wax a certain annoying hair on my face, then find my eyebrow brush and wax and put them to good use.

I'll also go through the "summer dress" part of my closet to find the two dresses I'll need this weekend: one for tonight, and one for tomorrow. My "Dry Cleaning" pile has really added up, so I'm a bit concerned about what I have left on the rack that's clean, summery and cute.

I sure miss having a bathtub, but I'll enjoy an extra long relaxing hot shower before I dress to go out this evening.

What hygiene and beauty maintenance items do you need to work on this weekend?


  • Let's tidy up our bathroom counters or vanities if they need it. If I'm going to spend time beautifying myself, I want to do it on a well organized, neat, clean counter and in front of a wiped down mirror.

  • Have you been to a farmer's market lately? Ours in Seattle will still be open through October. I'm going to try to visit one this weekend instead of just buying produce at my regular (boring) grocery store.

  • Need to toss out an old mascara or eye liner? We're technically supposed to get rid of them every three months due to bacteria.

  • Need to write any thank-you notes for last weekend's Labor Day hosts or hostesses, if you attended a party?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Beauty Routine

Guerlain "KissKiss" Lip Gloss in Peachy Pink - I do need a new lip gloss and I'm tempted!

This weekend, I want to wear dresses I haven't yet gotten to wear and enjoy yet this summer. I'll take extra time picking out just the right shoes and jewelry to go with these dresses. (Usually I get a bit lazy or rushed and forget to put on earrings and wear one of my pretty, fun necklaces).

Tonight I'll skip housework projects (other than the quick things I'll do today) and concentrate on myself. I have a bunch of shaving, hair dying, exfoliating, scrubbing and moisturizing to do. I also need to give myself a pedicure, even though I'm not planning to wear sandals tonight. I might wear them tomorrow, and I'll be glad I took the time.

LOVELY BLOGS: Beauty Junkie in London

I don't often make time to read beauty blogs (there are just too many cooking and homemaking blogs out there that suck up my time instead). I'm sure having fun browsing this one today, seeing what new beauty products are coming out overseas. They often get new things before we do, or just plain different products than we have access to. Since I'm not supposed to be spending very much money on myself at all, right now, I don't mind being tortured by pics of products we can't get here.

Jen is currently blogging about her holiday trip to Southern Spain; her new Shue Uemura custom palette; some new Urban Decay products for Autumn 2012; and reviews a Bobbi Brown pink peony lipstick.

LOVELY DISHES: Santorini Collection

I love the colors in Jonathan Adler's Santorini collection! The teal blue is absolutely my favorite color, and the yellow is a nice bright cheerful one. These would be great for easing from summer into fall, especially the new quatrefoil dishes that add in some orange and green.

Santorini Collection, at Jonathan Adler


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