Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn's Chill Finally Arrives

This Blue Dahlias quilt is too old-fashioned for my home decor style, but I'm thinking of adding it to my collection of summer quilts for picnics and outdoor stargazing nights.

If it's getting chilly in your area, then today it's probably time to swap out your summer bed linens for your fall and winter ones. Here in Seattle, it was cold enough last night to remind me it's time to get out my faux down duvet. Away go my cream colored summer sheets with flowery embroidery trim. Out come my cranberry flannel sheets and warmer bedding.


Juniper Berry Scented Candle, from Crate and Barrel

  • Mop or sweep kitchen floor as needed

  • Need to sign anything for your kids to take back to school tomorrow?

  • Keeping on schedule for your book club (if any?)

  • Need to dust any rooms really quickly? I have a dusty master bedroom that I can't stand any more.

  • Any birthdays this last week of the month coming up? Do you need to make dinner plans, buy a gift, send a card, order flowers for anyone?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Getting Out Fall Bedding

Ralph Lauren Bedding, at Macy's

Launder your summer sheets and blankets before folding them away for storage. Smell your replacements to see if they smell fresh. Mine are a bit musty smelling from the closet, so I want to wash them before putting them on the bed. Use linen spray, if you like, to help freshen your beds too. Do you use matching accent pillows? How do they smell? My cranberry velvet pillows that I've just taken out of storage bins need to be Febrezed or linen sprayed a little bit.

Repeat the process for your children's rooms or guest room, if applicable.

I'm getting out a quilt for the foot of everyone's beds. I also keep an extra blanket or two in each bedroom closet (laundered every couple of months to keep them smelling fresh and dust-free).

Also, it might be time to get out your throws to toss around your couches and living rooms. Freshen them too, if needed. There's nothing like snuggling up in front of a deliciously mindnumbing fall TV show with a soft throw on a chilly autumn evening.

LOVELY BLOGS: Rationing Revisited

This blog asks, "Can a modern family of five learn and gain anything from 1940s rationing?" I am still very interested, lately, in learning to budget my food more carefully and less wastefully, so this blog grabbed my attention right away. It's written by a mother of three who lives in the UK. Their family embarked on this experiment not only to downsize and be thrifty, but to try to eat more healthfully as well.

Recent posts I've enjoyed learning from include When Rations Get Scarce; making a quickie strudel; and a recent wartime inspired menu.


LOVELY MOVIES: Steel Magnolias Remake

I'm not sure Steel Magnolias needed to be remade. But I admit due to Queen Latifah's presence in this movie, I'm going to check it out! It airs on Lifetime on Sunday, October 7.

Steel Magnolias, on Lifetime


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