Friday, September 14, 2012

Mid-September Friday

Cider Lane Candle, from Bath and Body Works

It's going to be around 80 in Seattle today. So it doesn't really feel like fall, yet I can't resist burning my new autumn "Cider Lane" candle while I work today.


  • It's mid-month. Need to pay any bills? Make any doctor, dentist or vet appointments? Anybody in your house need a trim on their haircut?

  • Drop off any Netflix or Redbox DVDs and pick up your weekend's movie entertainment as applicable. (Or are you streaming everything nowadays?)

  • Drop off any library books, dry cleaning, and plastic bags to be recycled. I love to do annoying errands like this while I'm already out-and-about driving anyways.

  • Fill up car with gas for the weekend; stop by an ATM for cash if you need some. Need to give your kids their allowance? Do you do at at the beginning of the week, or the beginning of the weekend like I do?

  • Tidy house for the weekend. Vacuum living or family room if needed; empty or fill dishwasher; wipe kitchen and bathroom counters; empty trash cans from each room; dust off coffee table and declutter as needed; swap out a new tablecloth on your dining table.

  • Are you drinking more hot beverages as we move into autumn? How are you doing on coffee, tea, K-cups, coffee filters, creamer and sugar supplies?

  • Finalize weekend socialization plans. Which friends are you going to see this weekend?

TODAY'S PROJECT: My Last Autumn Closet Sorting

I'm trying to decide if this Calvin Klein dress is too trendy with the color blocking, or if I could get away with wearing it for a couple years

I'm doing about an hour of closet sorting before I go out with friends tonight. It's not like I'm setting a timer and sorting constantly until the hour is up. I just sort of know after all these years how long it takes to get out my fall skirts, inspect them, try them on, sort and hang up the ones I'll keep. I suspect I need another two skirts to get me through fall. I'm mostly a dress wearer, so I need to sort through my leggings and warm stockings and Spanx to be sure I have enough for chilly fall and cold winter days.

LOVELY BLOGS: Garneau Home Kitchen

This blogger, Jacquie, lives in Garneau in Edmonton, Canada. I've recently been enjoying her posts on ginger pear chutney, her garden update, her white chocolate raspberry tart, and homemade dill pickles. I especially appreciate that every one of her cooking posts includes multiple pictures of the recipe as it's being made step-by-step. That's so helpful!

LOVELY HOME: Glade's Autumn Scents

I'm dreading the long cold season where I can't just open my home's doors and windows to let in fresh air. With two dogs, two cats, and a foster teenager who still hasn't grasped the concept of cleanliness, my house can get quite stinky.

So yesterday I stocked up on a couple home sprays from Glade's new limited edition fall collection. I got the Apple Cinnamon and Autumn Harvest for our house; and sent the Maple Pumpkin over to the house where my three little boy cousins live. These sprays are great when used properly - one quick spray per room so you aren't overdoing it. They're perfect for when you don't have time to light a candle (right before I leave the house for errands, for example) but want to come home and not smell a nasty or stale house.

I realize that these sprays just mask odors, not prevent or remove them. So part of my responsibility in battling odors is keeping the carpets clean, pet bedding laundered, food cleaned up and garbage taken out frequently, rooms dusted and house clean.

Glade Limited Edition Fall Collection, at

LOVELY LIVING: National Sewing Month

It's National Sewing Month. I'm not a seamstress at all, but if this is the sort of thing you enjoy, there's all sorts of good sewing resources being shared on the net this month.

National Sewing Month on Google Blog Search


The Lamours are a 13 piece band that plays vintage style music: swing, tango, blues and rockabilly. You might remember the lead singer, Lola Lamour, from the British "Time Warp Wives" documentary.

Check out their music videos on their website and on YouTube. My favorite is their Oops, I Did It Again cover.

The Lamours (Official)

The Lamours, on Facebook


Baked Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts (Shutterbean)

Bruschetta Turkey Burger Sliders with Avocado Spread (Barbara Bakes)

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Donut Pops (Smart! School House)

Easy, Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (CHOW)

Fall Centerpiece (Alderberry Hill)

Fall Coffee Filter Wreath (Recaptured Charm)

Fall Leaf Wreath (Sweet Yarns)

Fall Wreaths (Just a Thought)

Hoot Hoot! Owl Papercraft (Zen Teen)

Irritable Owls Paper Toy (Chemical9)

Mini S'mores Tarts (Love and Olive Oil)

Morning Carrot Juice (Raising Peanut)

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