Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Morning in September

Adorable Felt Decorative Pumpkins, from Cost Plus World Market

Monday mornings for me can be a total whirlwind of activity mixed with multiple interruptions. I'm always eager to start the workweek off, and frustrated when my work is interrupted. My phone rings multiple times for no reason, and my retired neighbor comes to the door almost every day to chat.

I implore you, if you know anybody who works full time at home, please, please don't call them on the phone "just to say hi" and don't text them during work hours unless it's an emergency. I can't tell you how many times I hear "I know you're working right now.. but..."

I just decluttered my mail table. Now there's just a placemat, a candle, a place for my phone, and a vase of dahlias welcoming people into my home.


  • Make menu plans for the week and create your grocery list. Think about the lunchboxes you might be packing this week, too.

  • Visualize what you and your children (if any) will be wearing to work and school this week. Need to do any laundry, enforce some hang-up-your-clothes rules, set out anything for tomorrow, drop off or pick up any dry cleaning?

  • Upcoming holidays: Rosh Hashanah on September 16-18; Yom Kippur on September 25-26.

  • Pull out some fabulous jewelry (even if it's inexpensive costume jewelry) to spice up your late summer wardrobe this week. It's easier to decide to put on nice things in the morning if you've handled them recently.

TODAY'S PROJECT: General Homekeeping

Lavender Pine Countertop Cleanser, at Caldrea

I'm having two Family Dinner nights this week, one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday.
I want to make sure my house is in lovely, warm and welcoming condition before family members arrive for the first dinner.

While there are some things that will get dirty after the first dinner and before the second (the carpets will need to be vacuumed, kitchen cleaned and floors swept right before people arrive), I can get my house "mostly ready" today. Then I don't have to freak out the rest of the week, and I can concentrate on my two menus.

A basket of plums one of my boys climbed my tree to pick. We're bringing it over to the neighbors, but I wish we could find a few more ripe plums to make the basket fuller.

Today I'll be swapping out the white summery curtains in my downstairs living room. As the evenings get colder, we need my lined burgundy velvet lined curtains to keep the light out (for watching TV) and the warmth in.

I'll dust some cobwebs off my walls and ceilings; wipe hand prints off of light switches; wash dog nose marks off the lower parts of my windows (a task I'll have to do again in a couple days); remove some clutter from the mail table; and dust the curio cabinet and two side tables that sit in my dining room.

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Twinings' Chai Teas

Chai Teas, at Twinings USA

I can't drink chai tea myself (since I'm allergic to ginger and cinnamon). But I like to keep a little stocked for autumn and winter entertaining. I'm having a hard time deciding which flavor to buy, since Twinings just came out with a bunch of new flavored chais. At my local Cost Plus World Market, they carry the Hazelnut Chai, French Vanilla Chai, Almond Chai, and Pumpkin Spice Chai. I suppose I'll go for pumpkin as it's so seasonally appropriate.

Chai Teas, at Twinings USA

LOVELY BLOGS: Bathtub Mermaid

Melissa loves her bathtub, the swimming pool, and the ocean. You can tell she's a professional writer by her lovely posts such as September Days, Sweet and Spicy, Kitchen Tables, and Things My Mother Taught Me. I think you'll enjoy her thoughtful reminiscences and following along as she lives her life in Texas.

Also check out her book blog, Bibliotica.

LOVELY FOOD: Football Ritz

Alright, this makes me laugh. Not much of a football watcher, I don't often throw football viewing parties. But there is a possibility I'll make dinner for family this fall and let someone turn on a game in the background. Then I'd get a kick out of serving cheese and crackers on these football-shaped Ritz crackers!

Football Ritz, at Nabisco World


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