Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Clothing Sorting for Autumn

I couldn't resist buying several bouquets of dahlias at the market. I'll put them in my living room, family room and dining room. Love the colors!


  • Taken your vitamins reliably this week? I keep forgetting, so I'll make sure to do that right away this morning.

  • Almost the weekend. What can you do today to maintain your home a little bit so you don't have to spend your entire weekend cleaning? I think I'll take ten minutes to clean my kitchen floor, and I'll toss in a load of laundry so I don't fall behind.

  • Do you have an easily accessible working pen and notepad in your car? I witnessed a hit-and-run accident this week and had to quite scramble around to write down the license plate of the offender. I also had neglected to bring my digital camera with me that day (its usually in my purse) so wasn't able to take a picture. There might be many nicer reasons you wish you had a pen and paper in your car, so check to see if you do!

  • Make plans for seeing your friends this weekend, if you haven't already.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Fall Closet Organization - Shirts and Pants and Everything Else

Thinking about adding this Alfani shirt to my business wardrobe

Yesterday I sorted dresses, got out sweaters and put away my sundresses. Tonight I'll finish up another sorting project before I leave for dinner with friends. I'm going to put donation items into my trunk to drop off on the way to dinner, tidy my shoes, and sort my shirts and pants. I'll have to try on a couple shirts to make sure they still fit. This year I enforce a "two-out, one-in" rule where I have to get rid of two shirts before I can acquire a new one.

It's time to put away bathing suits, skimpy tank tops, shorts, and sandals. It's still too early to get my holiday gowns out of storage, so I have a bit of extra room in my closet for now.

I'm also thinking about buying this Eddie Bauer shirt to wear this fall and winter

As I put things away, I'll inspect for damage, wear and tear, and see if any clothing needs to be dry cleaned first. I don't want to put away dirty clothing.

I also need to tidy my basket of bras, basket of underwear, and the folded piles of tshirts and nightdresses I sleep in. Next time I sit down to watch TV, I'll sort my sock drawer and basket full of nylons and pantyhose.

Tonight I'll go to dinner dressed in something pretty I'll find in the closet today. If you sort your closet tonight, be sure to lay out something special to wear tomorrow - something you haven't worn in a long while that looks pretty on you.


Now that it's nearing fall, I'm starting to get thirsty for hard cider. I'm serving it at nearly all my dinner parties lately. I just found this delicious cherry cider, from a family business in Washington State that raises heirloom varieties of apple. Their "Harvest Crush" is also delicious, but I prefer the cherry.


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