Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready for a Summery Weekend

Lavender roses I treated myself to. They're adorning my bedroom this week.

I'm tidying up my house a bit so when I come home tonight it's restful, clean and relaxing. I don't want to spend my whole weekend cleaning, so I'm glad I've been keeping up with things lately.


  • Fill up with gas for the weekend and visit an ATM for cash as needed.

  • Drop off any outgoing Netflix or Redbox rentals; pick up a movie for the weekend if there's something your family will enjoy seeing.

  • Walk in your front door and see what needs tidying up. Shoes put away? Mail center cleaned off? Coffee table and dining table empty of clutter? Dead flowers removed? Living or family room vacuumed? Porch swept? Kitchen counters cleared?

  • Freshen your home by taking out trash and recycling. Open a window to let in a breeze, or at least fresh air.

  • Lay out something special to wear tonight, even if you're staying in.


I want to enjoy tonight, so I'm just doing a few straightening and tidying projects tonight before I head out. I'll work in the kitchen a bit; dust a spectacularly dusty upstairs living room; put last night's freshly laundered tablecloth back on the dining table; hang up some clothing that's been sitting on a chair in my bedroom for 2 days; and shake out some throw rugs. Then it's off to a movie for me, and a return to a nice home later.

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Vineyard Peach

I just saw this "online exclusive" (meaning it's not in the shops where we can sniff it) from Bath & Body Works. I admit I'm sorely tempted. I generally do like peach scents, and I am truly in need of a new body scrub. The shower gel I can't splurge on, as I already have enough shower gels waiting for me to use every night. I sort of wonder why they didn't release this a bit sooner, as it's more of a late summery scent than autumn.

Vineyard Peach, at The Body Shop

LOVELY BLOGS: Fun Home Things

Katie's lovely blog on crafts and cooking. I've enjoyed several of her posts lately: Creamy Pumpkin Soup (which I'll make with vegetable broth, since I'm vegetarian); DIY Autumn Spice Sugar Scrub; How to Antique a Picture Frame; and 10 Fall Wreath Ideas. I really, really appreciate her step-by-step photos!

LOVELY MOVIES: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

I was so happy to be able to take my little foster boys (who had never been shown the wondrous E.T. film) to see it on the big screen, at the Seattle Cinerama. They found it as enjoyable and magical as I'd hoped. Now I find I don't actually own this movie in my video collection - I'm surprised, and I plan to remedy that when the Blu-Ray comes out on October 9.

E.T. Blu-Ray, on Amazon

E.T. Movie on Facebook


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