Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still Savoring Sunny Summertime

The crisp salad I attempted to serve my three little boys and my teenager. I chose butter lettuce so it would be light colored and relatively flavorless, then added visual appeal with carrots and the sweetest orange cherry tomatoes I've ever tasted. I cut the cucumbers into heart shapes to make them more tempting, and finished it off with unflavored mozzarella balls. It still wasn't a hit, but I will keep trying, sigh.

This week it's still sunny and warm. I'm so grateful! We're still eating dinner outside, going for walks after dinner (though it's getting dark earlier than I would like) and going to the dog park without being all bundled up.

We're also enjoying some of the many wonderful things our city has to offer. We don't usually go to the Pike Street Market (it's mostly for tourists) but on such a nice sunny day today, we're tempted to go bring back armfuls of dahlia bouquets.


  • Create menus for the week's meals; add to your grocery list; go grocery shopping as needed.

  • Freshen your home for tomorrow's workweek. Sweep entryway and kitchen; wipe down kitchen counters; empty or fill dishwasher as needed; declutter mail table, coffee or dining table; empty bedroom and bathroom trash cans; swap out hand towels in bathrooms for clean ones; replace toilet paper rolls as needed; wipe bathroom mirrors.

  • Sunday is Laundry Day for us. We wash our bathroom towels, our bedding, and one load of clothing each.

  • Fridge/Freezer maintenance cleaning: Clean one drawer, one shelf, or two door shelves in your fridge and freezer. Doing this once per week means your entire fridge gets cleaned out once a month. Don't be afraid to throw out food you know you won't use (those weird condiments?) or fruits/veggies that look like they're going bad. Leftovers from takeout or a restaurant meal Friday night? If you haven't eaten them by Sunday evening, it's time to toss them out.

  • Lay out something fun and pretty to wear tomorrow.

  • Give yourself permission to stay home and have downtime tonight and several times this week if you need the quiet time.

  • Need to charge any cell phones, netbooks, laptops, ereaders or other devices for tomorrow's workweek?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Sorting Boxes and Bins

Clear Storage Trunk, from The Container Store

Today I'm dragging out two storage bins from my garage and going through them. These contain old letters, papers and keepsakes, so I don't expect to be able to get rid of both bins. I'm hoping to be able to consolidate into one bin. I'm hoping to consign some paper to the recycling bin, and some things to my fireplace (birthday cards where the person only signed their name and didn't write anything personal, etc).

My challenge to you is to drag one or two boxes out from your garage, basement, attic, or closets and sort them. Try to part with things as much as possible (whether donating, giving away, recycling, or throwing out). Let's not make our hoarding/packratting someone else's problem though.

At the end of the day, having sorted these two bins, I expect I will feel relieved and a bit less stressed just by having less possessions to worry about storing, caring for and cleaning.

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Lemon Cream Body Wash

This is the body wash I'm currently using in the shower. It's so nice and refreshing and summery. I'm still enjoying summer and warm evenings here, so this keeps me in the right seasonal mood. Soon I'll run out of this and switch to a body wash or shower gel with autumn-themed scents though!

Lemon Cream Body Wash, from Bigelow Chemists

LOVELY BLOGS: Beantown Baker

"Adventures in a Boston kitchen." Jen is currently sharing football snack recipes, a peach cobbler recipe, pics from the Outstanding in the Field event she attended recently; and a peach cherry pie recipe.

LOVELY COSMETICS: Illamasqua's New Rubber Finish Nail Polishes

I'm not entirely sure what a rubber finish is nor why you'd want one on your nails. From reading reviews of the new nail polishes from cult favorite cosmetics company Illamasqua, I gather the finish is matte, a different texture, dries fast, and very chip resistant and long lasting. I'm not too excited about any of the colors shown here other than maybe Vice (deep cerise) and Faux Pas (blue violet). But I'm excited to see the list of chemicals these are formulated without using, and I'd like to try one to see how the finish looks when dry.

Illamasqua Rubber Finish Nail Polishes, at Sephora

Illamasqua Rubber Finish Varnish at Amazon (Affiliate link from Lovely Living)

Illamasqua "Prosperity" Polish Review (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)


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