Monday, September 17, 2012

The Last Rose of Summer

My garden's last rose of summer

It's still warm and sunny here, dry enough I need to run sprinklers at night. We're still eating summer fare - hot dogs and potato salad, watermelon, cold pasta salads and ice cream. My garden flowers are slowly dying though. It's time to plant some pansies for fall!


  • Pop quiz - Try to find your passport (and other important documents) as quickly as you can right now. Were you able to find it in under 2 minutes? What would you do if your house were on fire (after getting children, family members and pets out?)

  • Carve out some time for yourself tonight. Being a Monday, I suspect today may have been a bit more stressful day for all of us. If you can find a way to just sit quietly (whether in the bathtub, watching a TV show, reading a book for half an hour, or browsing through magazines) try to give yourself that privilege.

  • Need to eat up or throw out any leftovers from this weekend?

  • Let's drink and enjoy some lemonade and limeade while it's warm out and we're still in the mood for them.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Electronics and Chargers

Screen Cleaner, on Amazon

After a very long Monday morning and hectic workday, I don't feel up to a very big project. Still, I want to maintain my home so I don't have tons of cleaning to do on the weekend. So tonight I will clean my very dusty televisions, computer monitors, laptop screen, keyboards, and electronics components. With a living room, family room and office to work on, this should take me about fifteen minutes. There's also a small television in the kitchen that I listen to news on while I cook - that will need dusting too.

I'll also take time to round up all the chargers for my various electronic devices (phones, cameras, ereaders, laptops, etc) and store them in a central location. (Probably a drawer in the mail table by my front door). Any mystery chargers are going to go in the trash or get sold on eBay if they have enough parts numbers listed on the cable to be useful in such an endeavor. I'm tired of having random extra chargers from long-broken cameras or phones I owned 8 years ago cluttering up the house.

Tonight I'll settle in with a nice cocktail to watch Hoarders, the show that horrifies me into decluttering. I'll watch on a clean pristine television screen, while my cell phone and ereader are charging their batteries nearby.

LOVELY BLOGS: Hounds in the Kitchen

Rachel's blog about her life on an urban homestead in Columbus, Ohio. She and her family grow organic food to eat and cook for friends and family. Current posts include The Great Fruit Fly Experiment; Ketchup for the Good Times; a warning about not cooking while distracted; and some posts on things she's learned about homeschooling in Ohio. I love being able to peep into someone's life like this (without being a creepy stalker!), reading the things she shares about her life, and discovering things I've never heard of: Kousa foraged fruit.


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