Friday, October 26, 2012

The Future of Lovely Living

Beautiful colorful trees grace a small park in my neighborhood

Now that I have four foster kids in four different schools, my life is much busier and I don't find myself able to make time for blogging every morning. I have only posted two or three times in October. But it didn't seem like anybody even noticed when I did manage to post.

So I was wondering what you readers might think of my new plan:

Lovely Living will post just once per week.

I'll probably post on Sundays, sharing my plans and schedule for the week ahead. This will make Lovely Living even more of a seasonal-themed blog, compressing lots of daily projects into a weekly format instead. There will be just one Lovely Blog of the week (it will be hard for me to choose just one to share, when I'm used to being excited about seven blogs per week!) and I imagine the Lovely Links for the Week link list will be quite long!

However, I am a bit discouraged by the lack of interaction from readers. Most posts generate no likes on Facebook; only two people have left comments in the last six months; nobody answers the questions I ask in posts or on Facebook; and no new readers/fans on Facebook in several months. I'm not posting hoping to get "likes" but it can be an indicator that people are enjoying what you're sharing. I do know that Facebook recently changed their Edgerank and is showing Lovely Living's posts to fewer fans, too though.

Last year I posted an intensely personal post about how my life changed after two relatives died and left their young children in my care. I asked for comments and advice, and not a single person commented. Four people "liked" the post on Facebook. (I do wish Facebook had a Dislike button so people could register sympathy or that they didn't like the news you just shared!) It really made me feel like nobody is actually reading the posts or connecting with me or the blog in any way.

While I don't write Lovely Living for attention or praise or whatever, it does make me feel sad if I'm just writing into a void or trying to give advice to people who don't want or need my tips and ideas. If it's not resonating with people, I shouldn't continue.

Is Lovely Living not relevant or interesting to you guys any more? It's possible, and I have to consider that. I have several other blogs I enjoy working on too, but Lovely Living has been my favorite. I'd be sad to shut it down, but I don't want to bore people and I could channel this blogging energy into some of my other blogs.

Would you stick around and enjoy a weekly blog? Is it worth keeping going? Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I prefer honesty!




slimsim said...

i have enjoyed reading your posts, but being that i have a small one underfoot, i often don't get a chance to do more than read through quickly between trips to the toilet (potty training right now) and cleaning up after the tornado that is a 2 year old. i've noticed a lot of pages on facebook getting left out of my news feed and every time i do, i go to the page and change the settings so it will appear in the future. i like to read the things that successful homemakers do because i'm a bit of a failure in that department and i can use all the help i can get!!

Lori said...

I enjoy reading your posts too, but I tend to get shy and feel awkward about commenting. I find your blog inspiring, and I like all the links you put up too. I don't go looking for new blogs or links to read because I'm never sure where to look, but I like almost every link you put up! I feel like you keep me going in my goal to take better care of my home (and life) because you break things into smaller chunks that feel manageable instead of OMG HUGE PROJECT THAT WILL TAKE ME FOUR DAYS. :-) But, at the same time, it is your life and your time and you should do what feels best to you!

Jen Milstead said...

I love love your blog,, I've been an avid reader for well over a year now. I try to comment, especially on Facebook since it is an easier medium for me to use. You were the inspiration that got me looking at blogs in the first place and your format is one I hope to emulate in my own (failing) blog. You've introduced me to so many new blogs and so many new Lovely Links. I would miss you exceptionally greatly if you were to 'retire' but I know how busy life can be with kiddos (I have a toddler myself, so I am constantly catching up after him). Do what you need to for YOU and know that you have at least one avid follower who jumps for joy every time she sees the link to your latest post on FB. Love ya, girlie! <3 (PS - One thing that REALLY prevents me from commenting on the blog directly are those bedamned Capchkas! I hate them and they hate me; I can never get them right first try!)

Cyborg Kitty said...

Lovely Living is one of my favourite blogs! I did comment on some posts but it did seem like some of them never showed up. This is number one on my bookmarks and I come here every day~ I really love the daily things to do and how this blog evolved over time. I followed it when it was still on livejournal! It certainly helped me when I first moved into my own place and motivated me to try new things and keep up my apartment. I really haven't found anything similar to this and I've always found it amazing how there was something new every day. I still love coming to this blog and I will until it's gone. Thank you for always posting things! I know it's discouraging not to recieve comments and I am really shy but I had to post on this one to let you know I really appreciate what you do and I'm sure so many others do as well. I really love this blog so please keep up the good work. You will always have a reader in me! ♥

Margaret Brady said...

I definitely enjoy your blog. I don't usually comment or "like" because I just rarely interact that way on blogs. But I still enjoy the content! It's true I have been seeing less of the content in my feed. I hope you don't feel neglected by your readers :(