Thursday, November 29, 2012

Decorating for the Holidays a Bit Early

Putting away the last holiday - My dining table full of the purple vases, candleholders and other decorative items I used for fall. Just about to go put them in their storage bins in the garage!

I normally never like to decorate for Christmas before December 1st. I like to enjoy each holiday in its own time, and not rush the next one (other than getting my Christmas shopping out of the way before December 1 if I possibly can).

But this year I'm more pressed for time. I'm trying to go on vacation from December 10-15. A kind cousin is moving into my house with her small son for the week to keep an eye on my teenager. So I want the house extra festive, warm and cozy, comforting and homey, and very Christmasy. That means I have to get started earlier than normal.


  • Have you done your book club reading, journal writing, crafting or anything else related to your current autumn hobbies?
  • Finished sending any thank-you notes from Thanksgiving weekend?
  • How is your Christmas shopping going?
  • Are you going into tomorrow with loads of dirty laundry that will follow you into the weekend? Can you sneak in a load tonight and get it done - folded and put away - before bedtime? I'm doing a load of dark clothing, myself. I seem to need to do more this time of year, with muddy puppies jumping on my pants.
  • Have you cleaned off watched shows from your DVR, returned Netflix and library books, to make room for this weekend's entertainments?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Getting Out My Decorations

My first attempt at a Linzer cookie. I obviously won't win any food photography blogging awards!

Before I suited up in warm socks, long-sleeved shirt and a coat to go spend time with my garage door open, hauling out boxes of Christmas decor, putting away my Thanksgiving and Halloween decor, I baked.

I made these festive Linzer cookies, using just star, diamond and circle shaped cutters. I'm proud of myself for actually using my specialty cutters finally (I was about to give them away or sell them on eBay if I didn't use them in the next month!) After munching a couple cookies and fortifying myself with hot blackcurrant tea, I headed into my garage to look over my Christmas decor.

The only holiday decor I'm tempted to buy, Snowmen from Cost Plus Imports. I want them for my mantel, I think!

Tonight I'm slowly dusting off hurricane lamps and vases, setting out candle holders, putting away any leftover orange or pumpkn-scented candles, and retrieving Christmas-scented and Christmas-colored candles from their storage place. I'm plugging in lit garlands and trying them in various places around my house. I'm trying to decide if the red bows I have tied onto railings, garlands and cupboard doors are too over-the-top or too old-fashioned country or not.

I'm trying to plan everything carefully, wanting an extra special Christmas for my foster kids this year. I also want the house to look lovely for my cousin's visit. But I won't allow myself to stress about it, or throw money at the problem by rushing out to buy decorations. (Except I might splurge on the cute snowmen shown above).

I haven't hauled out any boxes of ornaments yet - that will wait until next week when I get my tree (a week or two earlier than I'm used to!)

Tonight's project is fun, I encourage you to join me in decorating your own homes, even if it's a tad early!

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Lori said...

Those snowmen (snow people?) are seriously cute. I may have to splurge on them too! :-D