Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Almost Thanksgiving

Fall Cookies, from Dean & Deluca


  • Need to give yourself a quick manicure so your hands look nice for the holiday? I need to, I don't want to show up at Thanksgiving with chipped nail polish.
  • Add 15 minutes to your normal exercise routine today - Thanksgiving preparedness!
  • Gather phone numbers of people you want to call on Thanksgiving to wish a happy holiday. (Please call, not just text!)
  • Sweep the entryway to your home, both indoors and outside.
  • Gather cameras, chargers and batteries you'll use tomorrow. Charge up phones and cameras tonight.
  • Made pet sitting arrangements if you're traveling? If you're hosting, have you prepared a nice cozy room in your home to put your pet in your home so they aren't underfoot (or begging) during the Thanksgiving meal?


Dusk Hand Towel, from Crate and Barrel

If you're going out of town for Thanksgiving, you can enjoy coming home in a few days to clean bathrooms. If you're hosting, you need all your bathrooms to be spotless for guests. (You never know which bathroom a guest is going to wander into or snoop around in!)

If you have a big crowd coming, more than one bathroom may be in use at the same time. So you might want to clean all of the bathrooms in your home, not just the guest bathroom.

Clean mirrors, light fixtures, light bulbs, sinks and counters. Scrub the toilet, then see if the bathtub and shower need any work. Finish by mopping floors, replacing hand towels and rugs/mats with clean ones, stocking toilet paper and Kleenex. Do you have a vase of fresh flowers in the guest bathroom? A candle you can light later on in the evening?

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Jen Milstead said...

I love all your holiday prep check lists! I'm fortunate that I'll be doing the cooking at my mother's house this year since we just tore apart the master bedroom so there are boxes and things everywhere until I get a chance to sort it all out, get rid of stuff and put the remainder back in an organised fashion; but this big job will definitely take more than a day with a one-year old underfoot! Enjoy your holiday, Carrie! I hope to see pictures of your lovely home and equally lovely spread!!