Sunday, February 24, 2013

Being Honest With Ourselves

The cheerful, colorful primroses that greet me at my front door each day

Today I've picked out several small sorting projects that I can do while watching the Academy Awards. I don't want to just veg out in front of the TV for a few hours and not have anything productive to do. I'll be sorting three bathroom drawers of cosmetics and nail polishes, plus a box of crafting supplies I've neglected for the last four or five years.

It's time to face up to the fact I'm not using many of the lovely things I've purchased, not crafting with my supplies, not wearing my cosmetics or finger nail polishes. It's time to let go, stop buying things I don't need and won't use, and stop cluttering up my home.


  • Need to do laundry for the upcoming week? Sheets, towels/washcloths, a load of clothing?
  • Clean one drawer, one shelf or two door shelves in both your fridge and your freezer. This is an easy project you can do in between Oscar commercials.
  • Create menus for the upcoming week's meals and lunchboxes.
  • Write up your grocery/shopping list.
  • Glance over your appointment calendar for the next week. Any upcoming birthdays? Appointments?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Being Honest with Myself While Decluttering

Tonight I'm being honest with myself as I sort through this box of crafting supplies. I have not made a single craft with these items, nor used any of the rubber stamps or inks, in the past four or five years. I've been saving (hoarding?) these items because of unrealistic fantasies: "I'll use these rubber stamps to embellish all my outgoing eBay shipments;" "I'll handcraft beautiful personalized greeting cards, adorn them with these stickers and mail them out;" "I need all these pens because I write so many letters and I really need every one of these colored inks."

It's time to admit the fantasy is over. If I haven't used anything in this box in the past four or more years, I'm not ever going to. Fortunately I've stopped my shopaholic tendencies when it comes to craft supplies - I haven't bought any pens, papers, stickers or stationery in over a year.

This box of rubber stamps, mostly all unused, is going up on eBay. I'll do a bit of research tonight during Oscars commercials, to see what a fair price I should set them at. It's not about making a profit though, I want to get rid of the whole lot. Meanwhile, I'll be sorting out the pens, papers, dried up glues and inks, and getting rid of unusable craft supplies. I will see if there are a couple sticker books my friends' little girls might enjoy, but I can't make my clutter someone else's problem.

After I'm done sorting this box, I will wipe it clean and give it to a friend who is moving and needs some organizing supplies. This will free up a 3 foot by 1 foot space in my garage that no longer will need to be used to store items I will never likely touch or use or enjoy.

What can you sort tonight and be honest with yourself about?

LOVELY BLOGS: Tartan Tastes in Texas

This blog initially caught my attention because it focuses on Scottish cooking. I'm Scottish, and don't know much about my family's food heritage other than to avoid haggis completely. Angela is an ex-pat from Scotland who now lives with her family in Texas. I've enjoyed her recent posts on making over a chest of drawers, her Flower Jammy Dodgers recipe, and her Scottish macaroon bars with cherry that look so scrumptious! I appreciate that she includes step-by-step pictures as you work your way through her recipes. You can also follow her Pinterest boards.

LOVELY FRAGRANCE: Jo Malone's Sugar and Spice

Next time I'm in my favorite department store, I plan to head over to the fragrance counter to sample the new limited edition Sugar & Spice fragrances from Jo Malone. I don't quite need a new perfume, but if I were to convince my cousin to take home a couple of my perfumes she's enjoyed borrowing from me lately.. I'd feel ok about treating myself to one of these for Spring. The scents include Redcurrant & Cream, Lemon Tart, Elderflower & Gooseberry (the least tempting sounding one to me), Ginger Biscuit, and Bitter Orange & Chocolate. What a fun collection!

Sugar & Spice, at Jo Malone

LOVELY HOME: Italian Lemon Dishes

Again I wish I had the courage to redo my kitchen in yellow. These bright, cheerful Italian lemon dishes would be perfect for my spring and summer entertaining. I'm enjoying looking through the adorable serving pieces here, too, such as the lemon-shaped sugar bowl. I'm sure my food would taste even better if displayed and presented on such lovely plates!

Italian Lemon Dishes, from Sur la Table


Blueberry Lemon Thyme Cupcakes (Petit 4 Chocolatier)

Caramelized Winter Vegetables with Polenta (Two Blue Lemons)

Cream Puffs with a Quick Boozy Raspberry Ssauce (Gimme Some Oven)

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Banana Muffins (Picky Palate)

Ginger, Lemon and Thyme Tonic (Petite Kitchen)

Lemon Thyme Pots de Creme (TasteFood)

Roasted Vegetables with Caper Vinaigrette (Apartment Dining)


Lori said...

I need to get rid of some craft supplies too. I've had a large book of scrapbook paper since 2005 and have barely used three pages! There are rubber stamps too, and a small scrapbook I bought to make, but never have. I forget about it all because it's out of the way. I should see if my sister wants it, since she actually does scrapbook. Thanks for the inspiration and the pus to get something done! It's hard to part with good intentions as well as possessions. :-)

Joy to the World said...

Goodness gracious! Just made the roasted veggies with caper vinegrette. Sooooo delicious, and the family thought so too. We'll definitely be having that again. Thanks!

Omar Skyler said...

I can relate. I love collecting(hoarding) artsy crafts, stainless steel bars, vintage wood and the likes, I still have them with me. I'm not yet ready to give them up yet :)