Friday, February 22, 2013

Hints of Spring

The first snow drops have arrived in my yard!

Spring is surely arriving soon - these snow drops give me hope. Meanwhile, I'm greeting spring in my own home. I'm putting away the red-and-white decorations (candles, tablecloths, placemats, fluffy throws, decor, pillows) I had up for Valentine's Day. I'll replace them with my pastel pink, green, blue and yellow Spring and Easter decor this weekend.


A bud vase I slipped a few baby roses into, then tucked into a windowsill for spring cheer

  • Prepare your home for the weekend. Empty trash/recycling throughout the house; sweep front porch (if you have one); empty the mail table; clean off the dining table and coffee table; freshen houseplants and throw out any vases of dead flowers; bring in fresh flowers if you can; empty or fill the dishwasher as needed.

  • Need to fill your car up with gas for the weekend? Should you stop by an ATM for cash?

  • Drop off/pick up Redbox or Netflix movie rentals?

  • Drop off/pick up dry cleaning?

  • Finalize your social plans for the weekend. Throwing an Oscars party? Do you have your grocery shopping done, plan in place for cleaning and prepping? If you're attending an Oscars party, what will you wear?

  • Don't forget to book some quiet "me time" for yourself this weekend though, where you can take a bath or read magazines or write in your journal for an hour uninterrupted.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Freshening Up for Spring

This planter of spring primroses greets visitors to my front door

Before I begin my Spring Cleaning projects in March, I'm decorating my home for Spring. I'm not hosting the family Easter party this year (I'd like to give someone else a turn to enjoy being Hostess) so I will tone down my Easter decorations. But I'm delighted to decorate with fresh light Spring colors and burn spring-scented candles in my home this month.

I'm replacing my red Valentine's Day decorations with pink or lavender placemats, throw blankets, decorative pillows, throw rugs, tablerunners, candles, and decor items. I'll clean and carefully put away the items I'm replacing. As I'm storing them away, I'll evaluate if I really need to keep them. Can I do without a couple items, so I'm storing less items in my home? (I just watched another episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive" last night, and it traumatized me!)

When I'm done decorating my home for Spring today (after a run to Trader Joe's for fresh flowers and houseplants) I'm settling in for a quiet evening at home to enjoy some downtime and cozy up in my clean, fresh, inviting home. I'll burn a fire, watch a couple movies and catch up with my pile of library books.

What are your plans for this evening?

LOVELY BATH: Method's Spring Hand Wash

I'm replacing the hand washes in my bathrooms (as soon as they're used up this week) with Method's new Spring-scented foaming hand washes. Their two refreshing scents are Watermelon or Daffodil. I like to use seasonal scents in both my hand washes and dish soaps. With so many Family Dinner nights, visiting cousins, and house guests, my hand soaps get used up frequently enough I can indulge in this practice and keep the scents relevant to the season. Almost all my Winter and Cranberry scented hand washes are ready to be rinsed out and recycled.

Spring Foaming Hand Wash, at Method Home


Emily's lovely blog presents refreshing recipes such as Rosemary Lemon Shortbread with Rosemary Lemon Spritzer; Roasted Tomato and Garlic Whole Grain Bread; and tasty recipes such as salted caramel chocolate biscotti. You can also visit the Jelly Toast Pinterest boards.

LOVELY HOME: Home Sweet Home Decorative Prints

Suzy Ultman's adorable, cheerful prints were inspired by New England landscapes. This book of 12 posters contains bright apple orchards, homespun townscapes, sunlit harbors and lively forests. Frame them to your liking and use them to brighten up your home.

Home Sweet Home Decorative Prints, on Amazon

LOVELY KITCHEN: Le Creuset "Soleil"

I'm not sure I have the guts to change over my red kitchen into a yellow-themed one. But every Spring, I start wishing I could freshen up my kitchen with cheery bright yellow accents: yellow and blue curtains, a bright shining yellow teapot, and yellow cookware. This month, Sur la Table announced their exclusive new shade of yellow enamel cookware from Le Creuset: Soleil. I've so enjoyed dreaming over the cookware pictures here. It's made me want to cook a lot of soups, stews and casseroles!

Le Creuset "Soleil" Collection, at Sur la Table


This shop sells adorable needle felted Easter toys and decorations. (Plus other seasonal gifts such as Christmas Santas and gnomes).

Check out this adorable felted wool egg with chick toy!


2013 Oscar Party Planner (Epicurious)

Beets with Red Onion Vinaigrette (Worth the Whisk)

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Cucumber Mint Raita (Easy Cooking)

Elegant Snacks and Drinks for Your Oscars Cocktail Party (CHOW)

Foolproof Soft-Boiled Eggs (The Bitten Word)

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I love your primroses! I'm not sure those can grow this far south, I've never seen any at places that sell plants. They're so pretty and cheerful!