Friday, May 16, 2014

Lovely Weekend in Late Spring

I don't have any cleaning projects scheduled for myself this weekend. Instead, I'm taking my 8 year old to a nearby city to visit family and attend Stars on Ice. There will always be time to clean when I get back! Meanwhile, I'm packing and freaking out a little bit because I've never taken my dogs to a pet friendly hotel with us and wondering what to bring and how they'll react.

Enjoy your weekend!


    Tidy your home for the upcoming weekend. Make it smell fresh, look lovely and feel relaxing.

  • Empty trash cans in bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and kitchen, as needed.

  • Water houseplants as needed
  • Toss any vases of dead flowers; replace with fresh flowers if you happen by a store today and have room in your budget.

  • Set out fresh fruit on your kitchen counter

  • Empty or fill dishwasher; declutter kitchen counter.

  • Spritz your home with your favorite home fragrance

  • Shake out your front doormat and any throw rugs or doormats elsewhere.

  • Replace bathroom towels and shower mats as needed with fresh clean ones.

  • Whisk away any newspapers or magazines or mail that need to be recycled or dealt with.

LOVELY BLOGS: Domesticated Desk

"Creating space for creative living." I work from home, and love reading about ways people organize their work and creative spaces. This blog encourages us to be "Slowing down life to celebrate the art of reading, writing and reflection." The posts here provide inspiration on paper, writing utensils, desks, office supplies, etc. Check out this intriguing post on The Pursuit of Well-Being.

LOVELY FASHION: Anne Klein Banded Dress

I'm loving this dress for Spring! Or even a little summery evening dinner outing. I can't usually get away with wearing stripes, but I think this dress would be flattering.

Anne Klein Banded Dress, on Amazon

LOVELY FRAGRANCE: Voluspa Vermeil Candle Assortment

When I'm not entirely sure of someone's fragrance preferences, I like to give them gift sets with multiple assorted scents. I'm a big fan of Voluspa candles, and think this Vermeil candle assortment would make a fabulous birthday gift for a friend or mother-in-law. The fragrances include Chestnut Vetiver, Champagne Rose, Ponderosa (whatever that means!), French Bourbon Vanilla, Branche Vermeil (Huh?) and Clove Pomander.

Voluspa Vermeil Candles, at

LOVELY TABLE: Animal Geo Melamine Plates

This quirky animal plates won't be to everyone's liking, but I wanted to show you in case they were appealing to some of you. I'm always on the lookout for interesting melamine plates, since I entertain outdoors so frequently. I don't think I'll be picking up a set of these, but I appreciate how different and unique they are from other outdoor dishes you find in the stores.

Animal Melamine Plates, at West Elm

LOVELY SHOPS: Gentleman's Gazette

If you have any gentlemen in your life who enjoy dressing up nicely, check out this source for bow ties, boutonnieres, pocket squares, and scarves. They also carry some distinguished leather goods and high quality socks.


I discovered this extremely useful website last week when an acquaintance friend had tragedy strike and her closest friends were organizing the bringing of meals to her home. The website gives you a private link you can use to organize which friend is bringing which exact meal on which date and time. What a lovely way to help out. However, I hope none of my friends have any illnesses or tragedies where we'll need to use this website!


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