Thursday, May 01, 2014

Taking Advantage of Surprisingly Warm Weather

We've been getting my yard ready for summer - here's my outdoor office and my dogs' swimming pool. I need to mow my lawn!

This week we've been experiencing unusually warm weather - in the 80s - for Seattle in April. My eight year old eagerly helped me get out and set up my outdoor chairs and cushions, outdoor table and umbrella, and the inflatable swimming pool I keep for my dogs to splash in. It's been so lovely working on my laptop outside and eating dinner outdoors! The rains will come again soon, so say the forecasters, so I'm taking as much advantage of the warm and sunny weather as I can right now. No TV until it's dark, dragging myself away from the computer at lunchtime to eat outdoors instead, and enjoying a waterfront picnic last night.

Today, however, it's time for me to start my Spring Cleaning, which I'd have preferred to be done with by now!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Master Bedroom

No, my bedroom doesn't actually look this lovely! It's an inspirational photo from Z Gallerie

I don't spend enough time in my bedroom (aah Sleep, I miss you!) but when I do, I want it to be pristine, comforting, relaxing, welcoming, and organized. This is Spring Cleaning, so it won't be enough to just tidy and vacuum and make the bed. Instead, I'm overhauling this bedroom completely in the next three days.

Tonight's a worknight/school night, so I'll take on some uncomplicated tasks. I'm switching out my heavy red velvet curtains I use in the Fall and Winter, for the spring/summer silver-and-blue flowery set I use. I'll take down the curtains and put up the new ones, then switch out my bedding. I don't want to put my existing red flannel bedding away dirty, so I'll launder it then put it away in my linen closet. I will get my summery bedding out of storage, but it will likely smell like the plastic Sterilite storage tub I kept it in, so I'll have another load of laundry to do tonight too. While I'm waiting for the first load of laundry to finish itself, I'll clean the two windows and sills in my bedroom, so that I'm putting up fresh curtains on sparkling windows.
That will likely keep me busy and be enough projects for the evening!

Friday's Project:

I'm going out to dinner and a movie, but before I do, I'll make time to thoroughly dust. My bedroom contains a bookcase, two nightstands, a hope chest dresser, my bed, and a computer desk. Because this is Spring Cleaning, I'll stoop down and dust all the baseboards, too.

Saturday's Project:

Velvet Medallion Pillow, at Pier 1

I'm attending the Science Fiction Film Festival at the Cinerama (excited to show my 13 year old nephew "Back to the Future") so I'll have to do my major project in the afternoon after we get back. I'll be moving every piece of furniture in my bedroom to vacuum thoroughly under it and probably wash down the walls behind it. I also need to dust my lamps and inspect their lamp shades to see if they need to be replaced. My curtains and bedding are only a year old, so I won't worry about inspecting them for damage or budgeting to buy new ones (something I thought about every Spring Cleaning until last year when I broke down and splurged on new textiles).

It's time (twice yearly) to flip the mattress over and rotate it. It's also a good idea to launder the bed skirt, Febreze the mattress (if you aren't scared of fragrance chemicals) and let some sunshine get on it from your window if possible. If you have allergies, it's time to vacuum the mattress and base with your HEPA filter fitted vacuum if possible. Do you need to flip and rotate your mattress, change out bedlinens, and remove items from under your bed?

Next, I'll have to be firm with myself and declutter a lot. I have too many books on my bookshelf, too many unread magazines on my hope chest dresser, and too much clutter inside the nightstands. I'll sort and hopefully be able to toss out or give away several items, recycling magazines, and making sure my bedroom is a comforting, relaxing haven. I expect this project to take only about two hours, including moving my bed to vacuum under it. That frees me up to go back to see another movie at the festival later in the evening with a friend.

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Body Shop's New Raspberry Scent

I can't find an excuse to pick up one of the new Early Harvest Raspberry shower gels, since I'm still enjoying my Satsuma Mandarin from this same company. But when I run out, I'm eager to try the products in this new line: There is a shower gel, a body butter, a body scrub, a body lotion and an eau de toilette.

Raspberry Harvest at The Body Shop

LOVELY BLOGS: Food History Jottings

I'm quite fascinated by food history, so I enjoy checking in on this well-written blog from time to time. Currently posts involve how to roast a pike based on some 17th century papers, a long and thorough post on a medieval meal, and a fascinating post on Macedoine jelly.

LOVELY BOOKS: Flower Children

The adorable illustrations in this 1910 book by Elizabeth Gordon were drawn by M.T. Ross. Each page has a different charming flower child. I bet you'll find it relaxing flipping through this little book!

Flower Children, The Little Cousins of the Field and Garden

LOVELY FOOD: Les Fleurs de Chocolat

These beautiful chocolates from Vosges feature edible flower petals. Flavors include Siam Citron, Violette, and Mirabelle Orange.

Les Fleurs de Chocolat, from Vosges

LOVELY FOOD: Spring Velvet Cake Mixes

I rarely bake a cake for my three nephews, but when I do, I'm not ashamed to use a boxed cake mix. I'm also not tooo worried about the chemicals used to dye these hilarious velvet cake mixes, since we eat cake so infrequently. I am just getting a kick out of these colorful cakes. Duncan Hines offers a pink velvet cake mix, a pink and yellow Spring Velvets cake mix and a blue velvet cake mix. Red Velvet cakes are so outdated now!


I was so excited to discover these shoes last week. I prefer not to wear leather, so I often end up at Payless buying cheap shoes. I'm not supposed to wear flats any more because of my back problem, but hate to wear heels - I'm tall enough already, and they make me worry I'll turn my ankle. So when I tried on these vegan (man made materials) Bernie Mev shoes, and found them delightfully comfy with memory foam soles, I bought six pairs. Two black, a bronze, two silver, and a plum pair. This isn't an affiliate endorsement, I am just so happy to finally have cute and comfy shoes that don't look like crap from Payless!

Bernie Mev Shoes, at Nordstrom


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