Monday, June 09, 2014

A Summery Week Stretches Ahead

Candles I light on my patio table each evening

Let's be sure to take advantage of the long light-filled evenings. Eat outdoors whenever possible; sit outside and enjoy your deck, patio, yard or porch. Bring out a magazine or two, play music, light incense, sip wine or tea, or chat with neighbors.


  • Make menu plans for the week and create your grocery list
  • Make socialization plans for the week and plan next weekend if possible. Be sure to leave time for Family Night (if you do that sort of thing). nd I always try to leave at least one evening empty for a quiet night at home.
  • What are you doing for Fourth of July?
  • Dump out your purse during a break today (or while waiting in the car during kid-related activities). Clean and sort it, throw out unneeded items and trash. Can you find two items you don't need to carry with you every day? I typically have multiple pens, and two packs of tissues when I only need one, etc. I also have three or four lip glosses more than I actually need. I should put those back in my bathroom drawer where they belong.
  • Take inventory of your condiments for picnics and barbecues. Do you need to throw any out? Do you have enough mustard, ketchup, relish, and mayo? Pickles? Sauerkraut, if you like that kind of thing? If you use mayo alternatives, do you have a small jar of the real stuff to offer visiting guests who might not enjoy your alternative versions?


I have a never-ending quest to clean out my garage, de-clutter closets, and get rid of unused items. Today I'll work towards this goal by sorting this box of my paper doll collection. I doubt I will be able to get rid of any of these, but I want them out where I can look at and enjoy them. They aren't any good to me sitting in a box in the garage. I'll make room for them on a bookcase in the playroom. This means something else is going to have to go, however, to make room for these. I suspect I can find some books we're not reading and games we're not playing, to donate or recycle. I expect this project to take less than an hour, depending on how much time I spend oohing and aahing over my paper doll treasures. I suspect I'll become intrigued by something and spend a bit of time cutting out more outfits!


I think these cute daisy soaps would be delightful in a guest bathroom in summertime. I'm not sure guests actually work up the courage to use cute decorative soaps, but a bowl displaying these would sure brighten up a bathroom.

Tocca Daisy Soap Set

LOVELY BLOGS: Sift & Whisk

This blog specializes in from-scratch dessert recipes and baking tips. Recent posts I've enjoyed include Baking Basics: Homemade Vanilla Extract, Berry Pies, and Vanilla Ice Cream Two Ways.

LOVELY BOOKS: Mother Earth's Children

"The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables" was published in Chicago in 1914. It features Elizabeth Gordon's charming illustrations. What fun to take a moment to rest between work and housework and browse through the quaint images! My favorite is "Miss Parsley."

Mother Earth's Children, at The Internet Archive

LOVELY FASHION: Summer Stripes Dress

I'm so delighted with this simple striped maxi-dress I bought from The Gap this month. It's already come in handy for my vacation to Lake Chelan, been worn to a recent casual dinner party, and kept me stylish during a recent trip to the farmer's market. Soft, comfortable, and easy to accessorize

Striped Dress from The Gap


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