Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Domestic Day

The pink rhododendron off my back deck

Today I'm taking a half day off from work to get some domestic things done around the house. I worked for four hours this morning; now I'm getting some annoying little chores done. Things that pile up and aren't super important so you don't rush to do them. Then you turn around and your house is falling down about your ears and you wonder why!

I'm not doing anything mundane like laundry or closet sorting. I'm doing some routine things that will help my house be lovely and livable; plus doing a few domestic things I enjoy, such as baking and tweaking my home decor.

Here's a peek at my to-do list for today. What things need to go onto your own to-do list?


  • Wait for, and converse with, the wasp nest removal man.
  • Change a hard-to-reach light bulb in the hallway. It's been burned out for a week - it's past time to do this.
  • Bring in a ladder and change another hard to reach light bulb in the dining room.
  • Superglue a broken wooden arm on my patio umbrella.
  • Sweep out and clean outdoor playhouse - the neighbor kids were too afraid of spiders to enjoy playing in it last weekend!
  • Go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a rubber non-skid mat to go under my kitchen doorway rug. Cut and shape it to fit, so we'll stop slipping on our way out to the deck.
  • Rinse out smelly, empty yard waste bin.
  • Make a pitcher of fresh squeezed limeade.
  • Bake muffins and cornbread.
  • Febreze all the curtains in the house to freshen them up a bit.
  • Take my summertime couch decor pillows outside to air out in the sunshine.
  • Make homemade vegetarian chili
  • Rinse out, clean and refill the dog swimming pool.

LOVELY BLOGS: Simple Bites

Simple Bites focuses on teaching how to prepare unprocessed, nourishing food, eating seasonally and locally, and emphasizing the importance of bringing the whole family together around the table on a daily basis. Recent posts include teaching kids to make homemade crackers and wheat thins; a recipe for a Middle Eastern taco salad, and a recipe for fresh strawberry pie.


LOVELY BOOKS: Tiny Folk of Sunny Days

Here's another charming antique book you can flip through. The illustrations are by Maud Humphrey, and feature children from around the world as well as flowers from the region they live in. The book was published in 1889.

Tiny Folk of Sunny Days, at The Internet Archive


Next month I'm taking a luxury vacation to a Ritz Carlton property in California. (I'm celebrating my new ability to travel, now that all my foster kids have moved away. Just this once, I'm splurging on a more expensive hotel than I normally choose to stay at). It just occurred to me that while my clothing is perfectly nice enough to stay at the Ritz without embarrassing myself, my poor old beaten up cheap hot pink suitcase from Target won't do. I might feel a little reluctant to let the smartly dressed bellboy at the Ritz carry that filthy old suitcase for me.

So I decided it's time to pick up a nice new suitcase. I still intend to keep and use my perfectly good (albeit old and dirty) hot pink suitcase for my family vacation trips. But I'm running to The Container Store tomorrow to pick up this attractive and affordable Calypso Stripe wheeled duffle.

Calypso Wheeled Duffle, from The Container Store


"The first community for cool aunts, great aunts, godmothers, and all women who love kids." I really enjoy this website - I too, love being an aunt to my nieces, nephews and friends' kids. There are fun and useful articles here: topics like traveling with your nieces/nephews, avoiding the Summer Slide by encouraging book reading, informative articles on measles, etc. There are also interesting forum discussions, on how you found out you were going to be an aunt, how to answer kids' questions about why you aren't married, and how to celebrate non-moms on Mother's Day. I am sure I will stop by this website often to see what's going on.



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