Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gardening Chores on a Summer Evening


  • Take stock of your citronella candles, mosquito repellent (if applicable), incense sticks and any colorful outdoor candles you use. Need to add anything to your shopping list? Using and enjoying the candles you already have?
  • Go for a walk tonight.
  • Hose down patio furniture if needed (Mine has bird poop on it!)
  • When's the last time you had some fresh summer corn?
  • When's the last time you made homemade fresh squeezed limeade or lemonade?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Garden, Deck and Patio Tidying

Today I'm planning to take an hour to tidy up my outdoor living areas. I'll sweep the deck and my front steps; carry in some drinking glasses we forgot and left outside; I'll do a little weeding; water my flowerpots; wipe down the outdoor dinner table; and tidy up the shed I store my summer things in. Since I'll get to be outdoors in the warm sun, this will be an enjoyable way to spend an hour doing chores. I don't feel like I'm doing busywork. I'm beautifying my home and the area I spend most of my time in during the summer.

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Vitoria Regia Flower Soap

I haven't smelled this new flower soap from L'Occitane yet. I love the way it looks, and will probably pick some up for my guest bathroom if they smell as nice as I suspect they do.

Vitoria Regia Flower Soap, at L'Occitane

LOVELY BLOGS: Risky Regencies

Here's a fun, frivolous blog for a day when you need a fun pick-me-up. The blog specializes in news and reviews of risque Regency romances. Here you can read about earls behaving badly, taboo topics and the movie Belle, and read about a Regency style wedding plan.



This blogger writes about sustainability, self care, making space, DIY projects, having a happy life, and of course food and recipes. She tries to love what she has instead of craving other things; soak up beautiful moments; avoid toxins and chemicals; and create a beautiful space. Recent posts include 3 Ways to Grow Food in Your Kitchen and Home is the Backdrop for the Story that Is Your Life."


LOVELY BOOKS: Les Robes de Paul Poiret

You can page through this charming book of Paul Poiret costume designs for free at the Internet Archive. This book was published back in 1908. I'm also enjoying the illustrations of antique furniture in the backgrounds here.

Les Robes de Paul Poiret, on the Internet Archive

LOVELY BOOKS: Summer at Tiffany

I stumbled across this delightful book at the library, and read it in one sitting the other evening. It's the true story of a summer the author and her best friend spent working as page girls at the Tiffany store in NYC. I loved hearing their Iowa farm girl perspectives on the events they witnessed that summer, such as the Queen Mary ("The Gray Ghost") steaming into the harbor full of returning soldiers during World War II. The author wasn't afraid to do a little celebrity name dropping - find out what Judy Garland was shopping for when she stopped into Tiffany one day!

Summer at Tiffany, on Amazon

LOVELY FOOD: Bartlett Pear Hibiscus Sorbetto

I am so excited to try this new sorbetto flavor from my favorite gelato company, Ciao Bella. I've tried two grocery stores in my area - no luck so far. I'll keep looking and hoping!

Pear Hibiscus Sorbetto at Ciao Bella Gelato


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