Friday, June 13, 2014

Rainy Day in Summertime

Last night I forgot to check the weather forecast before I spent a few hours lugging hoses around, setting out sprinklers, watering my lawn, and then putting everything away again. I woke to rain this morning, ensuring my green lawn stays green, and giggling at the extra work I did last night that was unneeded.


  • It's nearly mid-month. Need to pay any bills? Make any doctor, dentist or vet appointments? Does anybody in your house need a trim on their haircut or a summer cut?
  • Drop off any Netflix or Redbox DVDs and pick up your weekend's movie entertainment as applicable. (Or are you streaming everything nowadays?)
  • Drop off any library books, dry cleaning, and plastic bags to be recycled. I love to do annoying-but-necessary errands like this while I'm already out-and-about driving anyways.
  • Fill up car with gas for the weekend; stop by an ATM for cash if you need some.
  • Tidy your home for the weekend. Vacuum your living or family room if needed; empty or fill dishwasher; wipe kitchen and bathroom counters; empty trash cans from each room; dust off coffee table and declutter as needed; swap out a new tablecloth on your dining table if yours has any food or dust on it.
  • Finalize weekend socialization plans. Which friends and family members are you going to see this weekend?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Refrigerator

Refrigerator Wipes, on Amazon

My usual habit is to clean one shelf, one drawer, or one door shelf in my fridge and in my freezer each weekend. That gets my entire fridge cleaned out every five weeks. Lately, however, I've neglected this task. So tonight before I go out to dinner and a movie, I'll clean out the entire fridge and freezer. I'll start by removing the containers of bulk goods I keep on top of it (rice, sugar, flours, etc) and scrubbing the dusty fridge top. I'll wipe down the dusty containers, and replace them in an organized fashion. This will be a good reminder to cook and enjoy these foods more often.

Next I'll remove everything from the fridge, including condiments, wipe down the shelves, sort and check dates on the foods. I'll dry the shelves before I remove everything, tossing any soon-to-expire food I know I won't eat before I get back from my trip this weekend. Then I'll do the same for the freezer.

I suspect I'm going to have to toss lots of salad dressings. I need to be more careful when I buy them - I always think I'll be home eating salads for dinner more often than the reality. I go out to eat so much, I might as well not shop for fresh salad fixings.

It will be nice to come home to a clean fridge when I return from my weekend trip!

Do your fridge and freezer need a major cleanout or a minor tidying?

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Peach Bath Sponge

This adorable peach bath sponge is on sale for just $3. What a nice addition it would make to a gift bag full of The Body Shop's wonderful Vineyard Peach bath and body products. With a couple good friends' birthdays coming up, I sense a trip to this shop in my future soon!

Peach Bath Sponge, from The Body Shop

LOVELY BLOGS: Worn Through

"Apparel from an academic perspective." I stop by this blog often because their fashion-related posts are so very interesting! The recent post on Planning Your Fashion Filled Summer Vacation is full of useful links to upcoming fashion exhibitions at museums; you might enjoy this post on artists' dress and identity; and here's a post on recommended reading for critical studies in men's fashion.

LOVELY BOOKS: Aunt Louisa's Nursery Favorites

This delightful book of fairy and folk tales was published in 1870. Remarkably, it includes a few color illustrations. The stories include one of my all time favorites ("Diamonds and Toads") as well as stories I'd never heard of ("Dick Whittington," "Lily Sweetbriar," and "Uncle's Farm Yard.") It's a nice little online read for a rainy Friday afternoon.

Aunt Louisa's Nursery Favorites, at The Internet Archive


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Pasta and Fried Zucchini Salad (Smitten Kitchen)

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