Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time for Us Week - Another Day of Pampering

What I'm reading this week in my extra leisure time

Today I'll tidy up the bathrooms, do a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, and then that's it for chores for tonight. Plenty of time to clean in the upcoming festive holiday months. Now it's time to spend some time and energy on me!


  • Need to tidy bathrooms or do laundry?
  • Have everything you need from the grocery store? Fresh fruit, milk, butter, eggs, bread, lettuce, tomatoes?
  • Thanksgiving is a little over a month away. Do you know where you're going, whether you're hosting or going to someone else's place, or if you're traveling? Need to make any plans? If you're traveling or going to someone else's house, do you have a hostess gift?
  • Any old friends you wish you could catch up with? Treat yourself to a nice long distance phone call tonight, if your friend has time.

TODAY'S PROJECT: One More Day of Pampering

After I'm done working today, I am going to lie around on the couch, in front of a merrily burning fireplace, with several cups of tea, magazines and a couple books (on my Kindle) I'm eager to finish reading. I have a pileup of Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and Seattle magazines, and half of "The Miniaturist" to finish. I also have a couple Halloween cards that should have been addressed and mailed days or weeks ago. I think this is a lovely plan considering it's raining so hard - otherwise I'd be tempted to go out to my favorite luxury movie theater, iPic to see a movie.


Are you getting a little pumpkin-spiced out? Here's a festive holiday tea that can carry you through the autumn and winter hot beverage season. The plum makes it seem a little late summer-early autumn to me. As with all Republic of Tea products, it's a little on the pricy side though.

Cinnamon Plum Tea, at Republic of Tea

LOVELY BLOGS: The Ice Cream Informant

I'm one of those people who still eats ice cream even in the dead of winter. I love hearing about new types of ice cream I've never heard of, and seasonal updates from ice creams that are available to me. The Ice Cream Informant posts a couple different reviews every week. Sometimes I have to admit it's torturous to hear about a tasty new treat I can't find in the stores near me! Ice cream will definitely be part of my self pampering for "Time for Us Week."

LOVELY BOOKS: The Cocktail Club

"A Year of Recipes and Tips for Spirited Tasting Parties." I love the idea of starting a cocktail party club. It might be a little difficult to pull off in my circle of friends right now, since everyone has small children. Maybe someday when the kids are older, we can plan regular book club style cocktail club evenings. The book suggests highlighting one type of spirit or one kind of drink every month, and features hors d'oeuvres pairings.

The Cocktail Club, on Amazon

LOVELY BOOKS: Costume Design and Home Planning

Here's another charming vintage book you can look through for free online. Published in 1916, it features a female author and female illustrators. The fashion illustrations are fascinating, and I bet you'll like the home planning sections as well. The "Choice of Furniture" chapter is my favorite.

Costume Design and Home Planning, on The Internet Archive

LOVELY FOOD: Mistletoe Mint Gelato

My favorite gelato maker is coming out with a seasonal flavor for the Christmas holidays: Mistletoe Mint. Apparently it will only be available at Whole Foods Market. I love mint ice cream and gelato, but I can see how that wouldn't be for everyone.

LOVELY PETS: Trixie Cat House

My cat prefers hiding in the closet or crouching under my desk to living in an expensive cat house. I guess I'm lucky in that regard! If I did have a cat who actually used their scratching post, climbing tree, or cat house, I'd be tempted by this Trixie house. It's so unusual and so cute! It wouldn't be an eyesore in the living room, either.

Trixie Cat House, on Amazon


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