Monday, November 03, 2014

Announcing Lovely Living University

Woman Reading, by Carl Larsson, 1885

Announcing... Lovely Living University! My new project I've been so excited to share with you.

Lovely Living University offers free online 30-day classes on homemaking, cooking, vintage lifestyle, literature, art, history, music, and gardening.

It's also sort of a social network where you can chat with other Lovely Living readers and students, join book clubs, and attend viewing parties for interesting vintage movies and videos. (We use an app to stream Youtube videos at the same time and then chat about them in our chatroom!)

I've been running a similar "online university" with free classes for over a year, and have learned a lot from the experience. Hoping to put what I've learned to good use here at Lovely Living University!

Lady Reading in an Interior, by Marguerite Gerard

Classes are free. All you need to do is sign up for an account. I ask that you leave at least one real link to your blog, website, or one of your social media profiles. I respect your privacy a ton, but do need to make sure you are a real person and not a spammer, due to some problems we had on the other network.

Our courses are designed to be taken over a 1 month/30 day period. We're all busy with work, home and family, friends and hobbies, so classes are general survey courses. Each class poses links and resources for further reading or "extra credit" should you choose to pursue the topic further.

Courses use a free online textbook whenever possible. For some classes, you'll want to check out a textbook from the library or spend a few dollars to buy a used copy on eBay or Amazon. Courses usually consist of a few chapters of reading each week, a couple articles, a 45 minute video to watch each week, a live chat opportunity if you can make it during the time slot scheduled, and a brief homework assignment you can choose to do to assist in your learning of the subject.

(You don't get grades here at Lovely Living University, just the fun of taking the course and learning with all of us!)

Here's a look at some classes coming up in 2014 and 2015!

Lovely University classes

December 2014:

History 102: History of Christmas Celebrations

Home Economics 101: Christmas Baking

Music 101: History of Christmas Music

January 2015:

History 101: History of Betty Crocker

Home Economics 102: The Art of the Dinner Party

February 2015:

Literature 101: The Life and Works of Jane Austen

Media Studies 101: Housewives in Television, Past and Present

March 2015:

Art 101: The Life and Works of Erte

Literature 102: A Little Princess and The Secret Garden

April 2015:

Art 102: The Life and Works of Alphonse Mucha

Media Studies 102: Depictions of Servants in Television and Movies

May 2015:

Art 103: The Life and Works of Kate Greenaway

Gardening 101: Victory Gardens

June 2015:

Art 104: The Life and Works of Charles Dana Gibson

July 2015:

Art 105: The Life and Works of Beatrix Potter

I hope you will join us in this interesting experiment!


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