Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Embracing Autumn

A vivid tree I enjoy seeing on my drive home every day

I must confess, I'm having a little trouble being excited about it being autumn. I was perfectly happy to enter into the fall season back in October. I was excited for fires in the fireplace, autumn comfort foods, and the smell of pumpkin spice candles. But now that the excitement of Halloween is over, I find myself dreading the long, cold, dark rainy nights of autumn and winter.

I have to work on my attitude, because I'm lucky to live in a place with four seasons. I love Christmas, but don't want to rush into it. I do enjoy Thanksgiving, and want to give it the entire month of November to savor. I purposely don't put up any Christmas decorations until December 1st so Thanksgiving won't get edged out, and I take Halloween decorations down quickly (though I leave out pumpkins and orange decor).

I'll have a stern talk with myself, light a cozy fire in the fireplace tonight, make a huge pot of hot tea, and spend a quiet evening at home reading a book I'm enjoying. That's something that probably wouldn't happen in my beloved summertime - I'd be out doing something and missing out on this book!


  • It's mid-week. How are you doing on laundry and clean clothing to wear the rest of the week?
  • Are there any mysterious rotting items in your fruit bowl or veggie drawer that need to be disposed of?
  • How are your bathrooms holding up this week? I discovered I needed to do some cleaning in two of my three.
  • Mid-week microwave wipedown! I just timed myself and it didn't even take 60 seconds to do this!
  • I have to remind myself to groom pets (I need to brush my dogs more often!) while I'm sitting around tonight. They get annoyed after a few minutes, but they do seem to initially enjoy the bonus petting time.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Unpacking and Beauty Rituals

Tonight I'm unpacking my two suitcases - one from last week's Las Vegas trip and the other from the weekend's quick trip home to see family. This means I'll be doing laundry tonight!

I'm also giving myself a pedicure, shaving my legs and moisturizing my skin with lotion. I'll also take time to phone in to get a hair dye appointment and an eyebrow wax appointment. I want to look extra nice this holiday season, so I can't let things fall by the wayside!

It will be nice to have my suitcases out from underfoot in my bedroom.

What's something you want to get out from underfoot tonight?

LOVELY BLOGS: Mama Bear's Kitchen

I'm really surprised Mama Bear has time to produce this fabulous blog - She's a mother of nine home schooled children! She enjoys creating edible art. You can read her recent posts on gluten-free mandarin white chocolate cake, Nutty Caramel Snickers cupcakes, and enjoy her post on how reading Heidi inspired a bread baking session. (I dare you to look at these pics and not have your mouth water!)

LOVELY FOOD: Fall Chocolates

Are you going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving? I may be this year, now that my nephews moved away and I'm not hosting a big party myself. I'm thinking this collection of fall truffles would make a great host/hostess gift. The flavors are: Molasses Plantation Caramel, Maple Walnut Mousse Truffle, Pecan Pie Truffle, Pfeffernusse Spice Truffle, Harvest Almond Praline Truffle, and Pumpkin Pie Truffle. I'll encourage my host and hostess to keep these hidden away for themselves, not pass them around the table to share with Thanksgiving guests!

Moonstruck Fall Chocolates, on Amazon

LOVELY KIDS: Autumn Seasonal Lego

Here's a cute little Lego set to keep kids busy (for a short while, at least!) on an airplane, a car ride, or at a restaurant this holiday season. Intended for kids aged six and up, the set includes a couple mini figures, trees and little Lego leaves, and a wheelbarrow. Maybe not the most exciting set, but I'm a fan of seasonal themed toys and I think this is delightful. Lego also makes a little bagged Thanksgiving Feast set. These might be nice "what's-tucked-in-Grandma's-purse" surprises, too.


Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders with Chili Sriracha Sauce (Windy City Dinner Fairy)

Healthier Cheddar Broccoli Soup (Slender Kitchen)

Hot Pepper and Mushroom Quiche (House. Food. Baby.)

Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce (The Stay at Home Chef)

Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Who Wants Dinner?)

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