Saturday, December 27, 2014

Making Our Bedrooms Sanctuaries Again

Red Chenille Throw, from Pier 1 Imports

Today I'm decluttering my bedroom, which fell victim to my pre-Christmas Eve Dinner whirlwind. I swooped around the house picking up things that didn't belong where they were, but unfortunately I ended up tossing them all into my bedroom and shutting the door so company didn't see. My bedroom isn't a restful sanctuary at the moment, and I intend to do something about that today!


  • Are you still in the midst of Christmas celebrations or hosting out of town guests? Try to sneak a few minutes just to yourself. Flip through a magazine, hide in your closet with a cup of tea, or take longer in the bathroom than you actually need to.
  • Need to run by the store today to replenish milk, juice, fruit, eggs, lettuce, etc?
  • If you're out and about doing errands, do you need to remember to return Redbox movies, drop mail at a mailbox, drop off plastic bags for recycling, pick up or drop off dry cleaning?
  • Let's not neglect our beauty during this week between Christmas and New Year's. I intend to look fabulous on New Year's Eve, so tonight when I get back from dinner, I'll be applying a mud mask. Need to touch up your manicure, touch up your roots, book a quick trim or hair color for next week, or shave anything?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Reclaiming Our Master Bedrooms

I'm guilty of throwing a bunch of papers and things all over my bedroom this week, in my haste to clean up for Christmas. I've piled up library books, bills, paperwork and junk mail all over the hope chest in my bedroom. Normally this hope chest only has two jewelry boxes and a framed family picture. I've gone and horribly cluttered my bedroom, so it doesn't feel like a sanctuary any more.

Before I go to a movie with friends today, I'm dusting my bedroom, vacuuming, making my bed (my most hated chore!) and clearing off the clutter. I can't just move the clutter to other spots, I must deal with it. That means paying, then filing bills; recycling junk mail; mailing out Christmas cards; returning library books; and finding a proper home for the library books I'm currently reading and using. (A lot of them are for Lovely Living University).

Next, I'll take the two tea mugs and two water glasses cluttering up my room, to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. A quick emptying of my bedroom trash can and I'll be done with this project!

I'll finish by spraying my beloved L'Occitane "Winter Forest" home fragrance spray in my bedroom. It will smell fabulous when I get back from my adventures today and collapse into bed with a book, a mug of tea and my cat.

Is your bedroom a relaxing, clean, clutter-free sanctuary you'll look forward to returning to and refreshing in?


I'm not much of an apron wearer - I tend to get all wet and floury and quickly dash upstairs to change before guests arrive. But look how gorgeous and stylish these aprons are! Perfect for hosting elegant cocktail parties or retro-themed parties. My favorite is the "praise Aqua." Don't miss the "Grace Red" and the ruffly "Just Black." The website lists stores in each state where you can purchase the aprons. You can also find a few of them on Amazon.

LOVELY ACCESSORIES: Kate Spade Rocket Clutch

I always look forward to seeing what sort of clever, wacky novelty purse Kate Spade will come up with each season. This time it's the "Over the Moon" rocket-shaped purse. Probably not too functional (how much can it hold?) but so cute!

Over the Moon Rocket Clutch, at Kate Spade

LOVELY BLOGS: Jill on the Hill

Jill blogs from the MidWest, where she's a wife and the mother of four children and two dogs. I'm enjoying her posts on home management, food, and saving money. Recently she's posting about Quick and Easy Beef Stew, Crockpot Favorites and Christmas Prep. Check out her Make Your Own Fire Starters post!

LOVELY BOOKS: Jane Austen Cover to Cover

Here's my next coffee table book! You can take a peek at some of the covers in the gallery. My favorite is the peacock cover, and I almost teared up at the first edition of 'Sense and Sensibility.' This would be nice to pass around during your next tea party!

Jane Austen Cover to Cover, on Amazon

LOVELY KIDS: Paper Dollhouse

This is so darling! It's a thick paper dollhouse from Lille Huset. Kids are encouraged to make their own furnishings and decorations for it from paper and craft supplies - but it does come with a few paper cutouts for the walls.

Paper Dollhouse, from Paper Source


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