Friday, January 23, 2015

Lovely Living University Classes for February 2015

Join us this month for one of our free online courses. This month we're presenting courses in the areas of literature, film and media, and children's literature.

Literature 101: The Life and Works of Jane Austen - Prepare to re-read one of Jane Austen's six novels during this month. We'll also look briefly at the life of the author.

Media Studies 101 will be a fun class where we look at depictions of housewives in the media, past and present.

Art 106: The Life and Works of Lois Lenski - We'll learn about the award-winning children's author Lois Lenski, and read a children's book or two of hers.

In addition, in February 2015 our book club is reading M.F.K. Fisher's "How to Cook a Wolf" book on wartime rationing and cooking tasty meals with very little to work with.

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