Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maximizing Light in Winter

Today I'm washing windows to let as much light into my house as possible. I have quite a few windows and a lot of slobbery dogs, so this is a pretty big project!


  • Still have any Christmas decorations or lights up that need to come down and be stored away? I still need to remove lights from several bushes in my front yard.
  • Need to make social plans for the rest of this weekend if you haven't yet?
  • Tidy your home office desk or "control center" to help you go into the next workweek with a clean, organized workspace.
  • What errands can you do this weekend to get them out of the way? Costco run? Swing by the bank, post office, fill up at a gas station, drop off dry cleaning?
  • If you're planning to cook or bake this weekend, are there any things you need to pick up at the store? Take a quick peek at any recipes you might be using.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Maximizing Light

I don't suffer from seasonal affective disorder, fortunately (since I live in Seattle). But this time of year it definitely gets me discouraged when the days are so short. It's dark when I wake up (even if my dogs miraculously let me sleep past 7) and it seems like the day just flies by and it gets dark again nearly immediately. Right now Seattle has just about eight hours of daylight per day, most of that cloudy and not sunny.

So I've changed the way I do a few things in my daily life. I don't feel the need for a light therapy box to sit in front of, but I make sure to work in my upstairs light filled living room rather than in my dark office. I don't let myself watch TV or movies in my dark downstairs family room until the sun has already gone down for the day. The dogs and I for sure go for a walk every day, just to get out in the light. I no longer take a nap at 2pm every day - I miss it, but don't want to sleep through an hour or two of light. And I'm careful to run my errands during the day, not at night - just to get me out in as much light as possible.

To maximize the light coming into my home, I'm washing all my windows today. I'll launder curtains as I go if they seem dusty or don't smell fresh. I'm mentally counting windows: I think I have fourteen or fifteen to wash today. Not a bad project for a lazy Saturday afternoon!

If you live somewhere it's dark a lot, what are you doing to maximize your light?

LOVELY BLOGS: Fearless Homemaker

"Exploring the unfamiliar territory of homemaking, my faithful martini in hand." Amy blogs from Nashville, Tennessee about cooking, crafting and entertaining. Recent posts include Spiked Hibiscus Ginger Tea, Arugula Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza, and a roundup of her most popular recipes from 2014. I'm going to try making a couple of them this weekend!

LOVELY BOOKS: The Sweetapolita Bakebook

I'm so excited! Just in time for my birthday, a new dessert cookbook is coming out. It's by one of my favorite baking blogs, Sweetapolita. I'm really trying to cut down on the number of cookbooks sitting on shelves in my home, but I'm going to have to make an exception for this one. It's sure to be very inspiring as well as lovely to look through.

The Sweetapolita Bakebook: 75 Fanciful Cakes, Cookies & More to Make & Decorate, on Amazon

LOVELY FRAGRANCE: Paddywax's Winter Collection

After Christmas is over, I tire quickly of cinnamon and pine "Christmas" scents. I burn them up as soon as possible, then switch to wintry or refreshing fragrances. (I burn candles every day, one in the daytime in the kitchen and several at night). So I'm eager to check out Paddywax's Winter scents - amaryllis, paperwhite, pear, mission fig, pomegranate and blue spruce.

LOVELY KITCHEN: House-Shaped Bento Boxes

I am squealing excitedly over these adorable house-shaped bento boxes, desperately trying to think of some excuse to buy one. (I don't

House Shaped Bento, at Auction Shopaholic

LOVELY SHOPS: Dulce Delight

Oh my gosh, this is the most colorful online shop I've ever seen! Check out their charming kitchenware! There's a kitschy, floral, retro vibe here. Take a look at their Instant Pudding Tea Towel macaroon jewelry box and pink three tier serving plate. I think you'll have a delightful time browsing here!


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Treatments for Dry Winter Hair (DC on Heels)

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