Monday, February 16, 2015

Swapping out for Spring

The first signs of spring - snow drops coming up in my yard! I look forward to seeing these every year. So grateful to whichever previous homeowner planted them years ago.

Now that Valentine's Day is over, I'm taking down all my red decorations (some which hung around since Christmas). I'm swapping out for my Spring decor I keep carefully stored away in Sterilite bins in the garage - pink, cream, light green, and pastel colors. Time to welcome Spring to my home and echo the season indoors.


  • We're in the middle of the month. Look over your calendar for the next two weeks, noting any upcoming appointments, events, and birthdays.
  • Make meal plans for the week ahead if you haven't already.
  • If you live anywhere else besides snowed-in New England, take a brisk walk today (even if just around your own home) looking for signs of Spring.
  • Need to prepare anything ahead of time to use and enjoy the rest of your week? Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice? Hardboiled eggs to use on salads? A pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator, for those of you living in warmer climates?
  • If you're planning to start any seeds indoors, this might be the time to start thinking about it and preparing for your project.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Swapping in Spring

My dining table as it's looked for the last couple weeks. Later today it will have a light pink flowery tablerunner on it, with pink accessories.

Today I'm removing any winter-themed or Valentine's decorations. I'll store away my LED light-up "Snowy cottage," my snowman-and-wife couple figure, my red-ribboned reindeer, my unlit evergreen tree candles I display every year, and the red wreath I hang over my family room mantel. I'll launder, then store away, my table runners, placemats and decorative red fabrics I used throughout the house. Red curtains are coming down, and flowery pink and white curtains are going up in their place. The tablecloth will get swapped out for a pink one, and red glass candle holders go away until December. Out come my pink and purple "Spring" decorative pillows, table runners, placemats, and candle holders. I expect this project to take around an hour or so today, what with all the dusting, laundering, rehanging, and storing away of things.

Egg Hunt Dish Towel, from Crate and Barrel

I'm not quite ready to "Easter up" my home decor, so that can wait until sometime in March. For now I'll just focus on pink and white and green, spring flowers and birds. I've almost used up my Christmas-themed hand soaps, kitchen hand wash, and candles; and when I do, out will come lighter, cleaner, fresh fragrances for spring.

I'm welcoming Spring on a 60 degree sunny day - how perfect. Yet I'm not forgetting my snowbound friends in Boston, exhausted from all the snow shoveling they've been doing!


I love the colorful, cheerful packaging on this new collection of bath & body & home products from Michel Design Works. Perfect for Spring! Scented with bergamot, chamomile and marigold. The collection includes soaps and lotions, room sprays and candles, wooden trays, potholders, oven mitts, an apron, and other kitchen decor items.

Michel Design Works' Blooms and Bees Foaming Soap, on Amazon

LOVELY BLOGS: Boxwood Clippings

"All things pretty, organized & thrifty." Emily and Sarah share blogging duties here, offering $10 decorating tips, solving design dilemmas, suggesting DIY projects, and giving fashion tips. Recent posts I've enjoyed include Chocolate dipped strawberries & Marshmallows, a recipe for gluten-free peanut butter cookies that I might make for a gluten-free cousin, a gorgeous peek into Baby Jane's closet, and a "drab to fab" bathroom makeover.

LOVELY MOVIES: Live Action Cinderella

I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I'm looking forward to this movie! I'm a longtime Cinderella antique book collector, and while I'm not a fan of the overall message of the fairy tale (work hard but wait and hope for a prince to rescue you?) I can't resist the imagery of ball gowns and parties. I can only imagine how many times I'll see this in the theater if it's as good as I think it will be! It comes out March 13.

Cinderella Trailer at Apple


I just discovered this adorable line of greeting cards and wanted to show you! They mainly have wedding-related and baby announcement designs, but there's a few cute "Thinking of You," "Get Well" and birthday greetings as well. I love the darling characters and the clothes they're wearing!

Lemon Fizz Cards, at Vigo Cards

LOVELY TV: Castle Hunters

I haven't watched this show yet, but it looks right up my alley! The show follows a few (rich) American couples looking to buy castles overseas. I couldn't care less about the couples, but I suspect I'll very much enjoy lookie-louing at the castles! So far there have been two episodes aired - one set in Ireland and one that takes place in France. I'm going to hunt for this on my On Demand.


This incredibly helpful and inspirational website helps book club hosts with ideas for book selection, decorations, attire, music, and of course, food. Right now the current book recommendation is "Russian Winter." The blog sadly hasn't been updated in over a year, so just utilize the website for inspirational book theme parties and themed recipes.


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