Thursday, February 05, 2015

Working On Our Lovely Winter Projects

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Did you decide to do a few projects this winter? Something you enjoy, something crafty, something creative, or just a project (such as sorting boxes of photographs or cleaning the garage) that you need to get done? Let's take stock and see how far we've progressed in our winter projects. In just a couple more months it will be sunny enough and warm enough to tempt us outdoors more often, leaving our quiet solitary pursuits inside. Now's our chance to get a few things done on dark, quiet, cold winter evenings.


  • Primp and preen a bit before the weekend begins tomorrow night. Need to do anything beauty-related for your face, hands and feet, legs or body? Any shaving, sugar scrubbing, manicuring, nail painting, toning or moisturizing need to go on so you look your best for your weekend adventures?
  • Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Make some plans!
  • Or, if you've been going out too much, do you need to plan for a quiet night at home (or two) this weekend?
  • Do you have fresh fruit in the house? Limes or lemons to flavor your water so you'll drink more of it?
  • Need to pick up or drop off any rental DVDs, dry cleaning, library books? Have any bags of clothing or shoes to drop off at a donation bin? I like to keep things like this in my car so I'm ready to drop them off next time I'm out doing errands.
  • Spend some time tonight grooming pets if needed - mine are shedding right now so I suppose I should brush them out nicely.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Working On Our Projects

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Let's make time to enjoy (and work towards completing) our winter projects. The nicer the weather gets in the coming months, the less likely we'll be to be sitting at home with time on our hands to work on things we've decided are important to us.

Whether you're knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, writing, reading a book for a book club, taking a class, experimenting in the kitchen, sorting photos, creating a scrapbook, painting a bedroom, or sorting a closet, set aside some time tonight and this weekend to actually work on your project. Enlist others to help you where appropriate, or ask for help carving out quiet time in your life to accomplish your goals.

Don't force yourself, though, if you aren't enjoying the thing you're creating. (Sorting and organizing, however, is something you can force your way through to completion!) But you'll have an easier time concentrating on your project if the TV and radio are off, your phone is put away, and you stay off social media for the evening while you work.

Tonight I will be working on writing a paper letter, reading my book for my book club, and completing the syllabus for a class I'm teaching at Lovely Living University. What will you be doing?

LOVELY BLOGS: Beautiful Booze

Natalie is a mixologist and blogger residing in my own city, Seattle. She specializes in developing new ways to use booze, especially cocktails made with in-season ingredients. Her photography is gorgeous, and her drinks look so refreshing! Check out her recent posts on a kumquat and blood orange gin sour, an intriguing beet gin martini, a grapefruit and cucumber gin delight, and a Seahawks-themed 12th Man Gin Sour. I'm hoping she posts some non-gin recipes soon though!


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