Monday, June 15, 2015

A Little Bit of Tidying All Over the House

Housekeeping Utility Bucket, in Mint, from Cost Plus World Market

I'm so tempted to buy this bucket and incorporate it into my cleaning routines! Love the color.

Today I've invented a housekeeping task that will completely prevent me from having time to do any of my dreaded gardening and weeding tonight after work. I will do one task in each room of my home to make my house better and cleaner!


  • Time to order (or go shop for) any office supplies? Paper, printer ink? Tape? I just ran out of printer ink and I'm not happy with myself that I didn't stay on top of that and have some already here ready to replace it.
  • Father's Day is this Sunday, June 21. Have you sent a present, mailed a card, made reservations for brunch if you live in the same town as your father? Set a reminder to call your dad on Sunday?

TODAY'S PROJECT:Tidying Up All Over

The scented Febreze I'm currently using is "Mediterranean Lavender"

Tonight after work I'm going to do one thing in every room of my home to make my home lovelier. Basically I'm tidying up all over. I expect my project to take just an hour, which gives me plenty of time to watch an episode Orange is the New Black before I feel bad and go make myself pull some weeds before the evening is over.

My plan looks like this:

  • Master bathroom - remove huge stack of magazines, refill toilet paper stored in cabinet, and swap out the rug for a clean one.
  • Master bedroom - Dust bookcases and Febreze dog beds and curtains.
  • Guest bathroom #1 - Clean out cat litter and mop floor.
  • Guest bathroom #2 - Mop floor, empty trash, and try to find a non-Christmasy rug to keep under the dog water bowl.
  • Playroom - Remove pile of magazines that don't belong.
  • Guest room #1 - Remove eBay shipping supplies that don't belong.
  • Guest room #2 - Dust bookcase, nightstand and lamp.
  • Living room - Remove excess magazines from coffee table; dust table; remove bill-paying supplies.
  • Family room - Febreze dog beds and curtains; take dishes and glasses to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen - Empty trash and take out recycling; scrub fronts of grubby cabinets.
  • Dining room - Dust table and curio cabinet; toss dead houseplant.
  • Entry - sweep, declutter mail table, and Febreze runner.
  • Upstairs hallway - Dust the standing candleholder, and replace the burned out candle with a new one.
  • Laundry room - Fold towels, straighten laundry supplies, wipe down top of washer and dryer, clean lint trap, and wash the pile of dustrags I've accumulated during today's chores.

You can see that every room's "one task" turned into at least two, but I still think this will take less than an hour. Probably instead of watching TV I should be reading, then recycling, all the magazines I've been retrieving from multiple rooms of the house!

LOVELY BLOGS: Cookies & Cups

"Chronicling My Life in Sugar." Shelly lives in New Jersey and shares her sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. I've enjoyed her recent posts on Lemon Curd Pound Cake with Limoncello Glaze, White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins, Kentucky Butter Cake, and French Toast Muffins. You'll find the occasional non-sugary, savory recipe here too!

LOVELY EVENTS: I Love Lucy Live on Stage

I was thinking that this live stage show might be the perfect show to treat an elderly aunt, uncle, or grandparent to. Your parents might even enjoy it too if they like nostalgia. It looks fun! (I'd probably check with relatives to be certain they enjoyed I Love Lucy before spending money on tickets though). The musical is currently touring the East Coast of the US.

I Love Lucy Live on Stage on Facebook

LOVELY FOOD: Tillabars

Tillamook is a Northwest farm that I buy milk, butter, and sour cream from. I almost wish I hadn't heard that they also make ice cream bars (Tillabars). I just had to go try them, so of course I'm now hooked. My favorite is the Lemonilla. Their other flavors are Coconut Punch, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Moocha Latte, Salted Caramel Swirl, and Old-Fashioned Vanilla. I'll probably only buy these in the summertime, and I'll switch back to stocking their regular ice cream in my freezer in the fall. You never know when you need to have a root beer float party!

Tillabars, at

LOVELY FOOD: Whiskey Chocolates

These sound so good! Plus they look so cool with the crown shapes. They are part of Moonstruck's Father's Day collection, but my dad wouldn't like these. I think I want to order a set for myself and send a box or two as a birthday gift to friends with June birthdays. Because they're made with alcohol, even though it's a small amount, you have to be home to sign for the package when it arrives (sigh).

Whiskey Flight Truffles, from Moonstruck Chocolate


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