Monday, June 01, 2015

Gardening Day in Early Summer

I really don't like gardening, so I'm bribing myself to finish today's weeding project with the promise of lounging on my chaise with magazines and wine later tonight!

Today I have to break down and do some weeding, especially in my front yard (I prioritize that because it's visible to my neighbors). All that horrible hot, dirty, bug-infested work will surely inspire me to work harder at my job to earn extra money to re-hire the gardener I splurged on last summer! Plus I'll be reminded to appreciate how hard he works and I'll be less likely to forget to take him iced tea while he works.


  • A new month begins! Look over your upcoming month, noting birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming doctors, dentists and vet appointments for yourself and family members.
  • I like to look at the National Day Calendar for upcoming celebrations. Today for example is "Say Something Nice Day."
  • Need to send out any gifts or cards for birthdays coming up this week? Need to make plans for dinners or parties for other upcoming birthdays?
  • Make any doctor, dentist, hair salon or spa appointments (if you're so lucky!) for the upcoming month as needed.
  • Take some time tonight to think about your goals for the month ahead. Do you have any health and exercise goals, book club reading to do, craft projects you want to make time for? Parties you want to throw?
  • Look over your budget for June. What upcoming special expenses might you have to make wiggle room for (movies, dinners, picnics, concerts?) Put some thought into your budget for the month.
  • If it's nice weather in your area this evening, get out and enjoy some of it after work if possible! Let's not waste this lovely summer indoors in front of screens.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Gardening and Weeding

I've put off weeding far too long. My front and back yards both look horrible. Today's the day I've set aside some time in the evening to force myself to stay home and deal with it. Unfortunately I chose not to do my weeding chores yesterday when it was warm and sunny; I'll be weeding in a light rain later tonight. Oh well, at least I won't get hot and sticky.

Besides weeding, I'll be tending to my rhododendron and hydrangea bushes, and planning for the two new rhodies and hydrangeas I want to plant. I don't want to just simply maintain my existing garden - I want to slowly but surely improve it, add to it, and make it more lovely. I'm just not that much of a gardener.

I'm hoping the rain will stop so I can still enjoy my promised relaxation time on a chaise lounge outside tonight after my chores!

Do you have any gardening, planting, weeding, watering, mowing, or house plant maintenance to take care of this week?

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Lilac and Freesia Hand Soaps

Somehow I missed these two gorgeous scents back in Springtime. I was delighted to find a container of Freesia and one of Lilac on a discount endcap at Target last week. I'm really enjoying the fragrances when I wash my hands in my kitchen right now!

Lilac Hand Soap, from Mrs. Meyers

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Fuji Green Tea

The Body Shop's new fragrance for Summer 2015 is Fuji Green Tea. It's a really clean, refreshing light scent. I think I'll indulge in the shower gel at least, if not the lotion or body butter.

Fuji Green Tea Bath & Body Products, at The Body Shop

LOVELY BLOGS: Rhubarbarians

Here's Trish's food blog where she shares boozy recipes and emphasizes local, seasonal flavors in her foodie recipes. She lives in Olympia, Washington, about an hour away from me. Recent posts I've enjoyed include Dill Pickle Vodka Martini (I'd totally drink that!); her Favorite Things post; and her recipe for a Dutch Baby with Honey Roasted Rhubarb.

LOVELY BOOKS: The Artful Year

"Celebrating the Seasons and Holidays with Crafts and Recipes--Over 175 Family- Friendly Activities." I'm not much of a crafter, but as someone who takes pride in being "the fun aunt," I bet I'd glean a lot of neat ideas from this book. I'm especially interested in the "Backyard Creativity" chapter. I'm not ready to think about Halloween and Christmas yet, so I might hold off on reading those chapters for a couple months if I pick up a copy of this book.

The Artful Year, on

LOVELY BOOKS: Flower Pictures

Here's a sweet antique book written and illustrated by Maude Angell back in 1914. You can browse through the colorful flower illustrations online. There's also accompanying text about the flowers and what it's like to draw them, but I found that a little boring (perhaps because I'm not an artist myself). I thought some of you might enjoy looking at these or possibly get arts and crafts inspiration from the vintage illustrations! Don't miss the beautiful chapter on roses.

Flower Pictures, at The Internet Archive


This shop is based in Poland. They sell the most beautiful wool felted handbags, hair accessories and hats, brooches and scarves! The colors are fabulous and the designs imaginative. I can't personally wear the scarves (too itchy) but I am tempted by some of the gorgeous felted flower-themed handbags. Don't miss the cat-shaped hats, bags and scarves too!

Filcant, on Etsy


Blueberry Coconut Crisp (Two Peas and Their Pod)

Caprese Guacamole (Lemon Tree Dwelling)

Charred Green Beans with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette (Blogging Over Thyme)

Cucumber Coriander Mint Juice (The Steaming Pot)

8 Ways You're Making Smoothies Wrong (Cosmopolitan)

Fresh Blueberry Slushy (Living the Gourmet)

Fried Guacamole (NY Times)

Guacamole Egg Rolls (Lamberts Lately)

Green Smoothie Sorbet (So Munch Love)

It Takes How Much Water to Make That Smoothie? (Mother Jones)

One Retailer's Unusual Message: 'Don't Buy So Much Stuff' (The Atlantic)

Pomegranate Guacamole (Sugar Bee Crafts)

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