Monday, August 31, 2015

A Quick Weeknight Tidying Project - Laundry Room

In summer, I like to use Lavender detergent on my laundry

I'm tired after a long Monday workday, but don't want my house to completely slide. Tonight I am setting myself an easily accomplishable but still important task: Sorting my cleaning supplies and organizing them in my laundry cupboards. (I don't do busywork - this task will help me clean the rest of my house more efficiently going forward!)


  • All done paying bills for the month ahead?
  • Create a menu and grocery list for the week as needed.
  • Figure out what you're packing in your kids' lunches for tomorrow (or do they do it themselves?)
  • What is everyone wearing to school or work tomorrow? Want to lay it out tonight so it's ready tomorrow?
  • If you still have nice summer weather in your area, try to squeeze in even a brief walk tonight after dinner!
  • Tonight is the last night of August. Look back over your month. Did you accomplish your goals? Socialize enough? Enjoy time outdoors? Pick those berries before they rot on the bushes?


Tonight it took me less than fifteen minutes to clean and organize my tiny laundry room. (Luckily, I spent last night, my regular laundry night, sorting, folding and putting away laundry so it's out of my way).

I wiped down the top of my washer and dryer, wiped up a detergent spill, dusted the light switch, and removed everything from my shelves. I took inventory of my cleaning supplies - it's always interesting to me to wonder if I have three Windex because I bought too many or because I haven't been cleaning my windows enough! I consolidated two half-full Windex into one, rinsed and recycled the bottle, and put my rarely-used oven cleaner to some good use upstairs. (That only took an extra 60 seconds!)

After wiping and dusting the shelves, I put the cleaning supplies, light bulbs and cleaning rags back in an organized fashion. A quick scrubbing of the laundry room floor (laminate) and I was all done.

I gave myself permission to go flop in front of the TV with a glass of iced tea and a magazine and relax for the evening!

Is your laundry room clean and organized so you can find things and efficiently get your laundry done?

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Wine Country at Bath & Body Works

I don't like to rush the seasons - I'm savoring summer and making the most of it while it's still here. I generally don't put out any pumpkin or autumn scented candles until October 1st. So I was a little hesitant to walk into Bath & Body Works the other day, expecting it in late August to be filled to the rafters with ten thousand kinds of pumpkin candles. They did have several pumpkin fragrances, but I was pleased to find their "bridge" line: Wine Country.

They stock Wine Country fragrances in candles, hand soaps, shower gels, body creams, and room perfumes. So far my favorite scent in the line is Black Cherry Merlot, followed by Sparkling Pear Riesling. I bought the small and medium candles so they'll all be burned up and enjoyed by the time October rolls around and I'm ready to light apple, pumpkin and "leaf" type scents.

Wine Country, at Bath & Body Works

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea

Sadly, we can't actually drink chardonnay all day long. (Maybe on a nice summer Sunday when we have alone time all afternoon, but other than that..) It's not good for us. Instead, here's a suggestion - chardonnay flavored iced tea! I'm just finishing up my last pitcher for this summer. Almost time to start stocking my autumn-inspired teas. Wonder if they have a Merlot flavored hot tea coming out soon?

Sonoma Chardonnay at Republic of Tea

Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea, on

LOVELY BLOGS: A Beautiful Bite

Melanie blogs about "where passion and the plate collide." She is a mom of four who works with brands to help them develop recipes. You can read about her recent trip to the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando; read her recipe for Chicken Marsala Lasagna; check out her Chesapeake Crab Melt; and learn to make her Moroccan flank steak with blistered peppers.

LOVELY SHOPS: The Little Stitcher Shop

This Italian Etsy shop makes me want to learn to cross stitch! They sell darling PDF patterns you can print out to help you create storybook, fairytale, Christmas, and other adorable cross stitch designs. There are witches, seasonal patterns, old-fashioned clothing, and darling sampler patterns like this Princess Peacock. Hope you enjoy looking around the store as much as I did!

The Little Stitcher Shop, on Etsy


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