Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A Gentle Transition from Summer to Autumn

I'm replacing my dying summer flowers (mostly yellow and white ones) with fresh new potted plants from my local Home Depot. I love this burgundy color for autumn! It's important to me to have beautiful flowers by my front door as much of the year as weather permits.


The lantern I've hung by my front door. I'll light votive candles in it from time to time in the evenings, but only if I'm working in my upstairs living room nearby the window to keep an eye on it.

  • Make tomorrow morning easier - set out clothing for tomorrow's work and school days; plan lunches and get out supplies; set out coffee or tea fixings before you go to bed.
  • Maximize your summertime - don't forget to go for walks in the evenings, eat outdoors whenever possible, tend your garden, and read a magazine on your deck or patio.
  • If you rushed around enjoying lots of events on Labor Day weekend, good for you - but now I suggest booking a couple evenings (or more) of downtime with your family, pets, a good book or magazine, and some television or video gaming. Plus a nice cup of hot herbal tea or two each evening!


Today I'm working on slowly transitioning my front yard from Summer to Autumn. The neighbor kid came over to mow, and I did lots of gardening. I've replaced my summer welcome mat to my autumn-themed one; swept the driveway and porch; and I threw out lots of dead plants. Plants that are still alive but not likely to bloom have been moved back out of view, and I cleared a flower bed to plant some colorful fall pansies this week.

I still might do a bit of garden shopping (mainly at Home Depot) for a couple more burgundy, orange or darker colored baskets and pots of mums and other fall flowers.

I finished by hanging up a decorative lantern and setting a matching, larger one, by the front door. I lit candles in both, then realized my porch light that's on every evening sort of over-brightened the lantern and made it impossible to see the candle burning inside. Oops! Oh well.

What things might you do to increase the curb appeal of your home? Even if you live in an apartment, there's things you can do to decorate your front door, front steps, patio or deck if you have one!

LOVELY BLOGS: Crazy for Crust

"Baking... with a slice of life." I never can resist a good dessert blog. Dorothy shares recipes from her home in Sacramento. Recently she's writing about Pumpkin Apple No-Bake dessert; a Caramel Apple Smoothie I'm going to have to try right away; Brown Butter Brownies; and Apple Pie Pancake Rolls. Be sure to drop her a comment if you try and enjoy any of her recipes!


LOVELY BOOKS: One Hundred One Layer Cakes

Here's the charming vintage cookbook I'm enjoying browsing through today. The cake recipes were compiled by May E. Southworth back in 1907. Unfortunately there aren't any interesting illustrations of the cakes - just a lovely Art Nouveau decoration at the top of every page. However, I'm finding the cakes so intriguing - there are so many things here I've never heard of. Apple Snow cake, an Archangel cake, something called Cabinet Caramel, a Darktown cake, a Gibson Girl, and a Silver and Gold cake. I suspect I'll be printing out a couple of the pages and experimenting with these old-fashioned cakes on my next Baking Day!

101 Layer Cakes, at The Internet Archive

LOVELY GIFTS: Gem-Shaped Speaker

Today I was looking around for some sort of alternative to my ugly black speakers for an upcoming Enchanted Forest dinner party I'm having. This gem speaker isn't quite right for the party, so I'll pass on it. But I love the idea. Great for a princess-themed bedroom or a birthday present for that glam fabulous girl friend of yours or mine.

Ban.Do Giant Gem Speaker, on Amazon

LOVELY SHOPS: Elegant Holidays Wreaths

I've been looking for an autumn wreath for my front door (a faux one so it doesn't die and rot!) I have one for Spring, one for Christmas, and one for Halloween, but nothing for this lovely orange and leafy time of year. Sure, I could just run down to Michael's or JoAnn's, but I'd prefer to buy from an artisan and get a higher quality product that will last longer - even if it costs a bit more and I have to pay for shipping.

Everything here at the Elegant Holidays wreath store on Etsy is so lovely, I'm having trouble picking one! They're made in Pennsylvania. Also check out their section of beautiful Christmas wreaths.

I'm leaning towards this wreath with graduated colors of oranges and yellows.


LOVELY STATIONERY: Tutti Frutti Pencils

I am laughing at how many times I've bought these lovely pencils over the past couple months, since I discovered them at Barnes & Noble. They are so lovely, and the packaging so alluring, I've ended up giving them away as gifts several times. I'm sure I can find something else in my own house to use when I'm enjoying coloring in a grownups' coloring book on a rainy day. I've been pairing these with the current trendiest coloring books for adults when I gift them.

Tutti Frutti Pencils on Amazon

Tutti Frutti Pencils on Barnes & Noble


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