Friday, September 04, 2015

Gardening and Other Chores I Dread Which Make My Home Lovelier

My front flowerbed, full of fairly healthy dahlias, is one of the few gardening successes I have! I really don't enjoy gardening, but want my home to look nice and have "curb appeal." This weekend I'm planning to force myself to do a whole bunch of weeding, fertilizing, watering, deadheading, and other plant care tasks in my front and back yards.


  • Are your social plans for Labor Day Weekend set?
  • Did you build in some time for "downtime" this holiday weekend?
  • What are some fun end-of-summer things you'd like to do this weekend? Make ice cream, barbecue, go to the beach or mountains, go for a hike or bike ride?
  • Prepare your home for the long holiday weekend. Empty trash cans; swap in clean hand towels, bath towels and bath mats; empty or fill dishwasher; wipe kitchen and bathroom counters; remove any clutter from dining table, breakfast table or coffee table; vacuum as needed.
  • Do you need to fill your car with gas, stop by an ATM or run to the grocery store ahead of your long holiday weekend?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Garden Chores

I've been using Miracle Gro on my dahlias, with good results!

I really don't enjoy gardening, so I'm going to get it out of the way tonight, Friday night. I have a lot of weeding to do, and I know I will dread it all weekend if I don't make myself do it now.

When it gets too dark to garden any more, I will enjoy a quiet night at home with wine, TV, the book I'm currently reading on my Kindle, and my dogs and cat. And tomorrow when I drive away to go enjoy some holiday weekend entertainments, I will hopefully have a nice view of a more beautiful garden in my rear view mirror!


I think this teapot handbag is cute and rather clever. I'm getting a kick out of it. I like it in silver, but think the bronze version of it looks a little weird texturally. The company that makes these is called Darling's. They make very unusual, whimsical handbags!

Teapot Purse, on Amazon

LOVELY BLOGS: The Food Librarian

Mary is a public librarian by day, and a baker (and blogger!) by night. She's learning to bake from scratch, and she really, really likes Bundt cakes. Recent posts include Fresh Peach Crisp for Two, Peach Buttermilk Cake, and Raspberry Ricotta Cake.

LOVELY BOOKS: BabyLit's Emma

I'm a huge fan of BabyLit's colorful, simple board books, especially their Jane Austen ones. So you can imagine how quickly I jumped online to purchase their "Emotions primer" edition of "Emma" when it came out on August 1st! It's so cute! This would make a nice baby shower gift add-on for an expectant friend of yours who enjoys Jane Austen.

Babylit's Emma, on Amazon

LOVELY MOVIES: The Dressmaker

I'm so excited for this movie and its over-the-top costuming! Plus, it's about subtly delivered revenge. That should be quite interesting! It stars Nicole Kidman and comes out October 29. I'm definitely up for grabbing a bunch of girl friends, indulging in some wine and cocktails, and seeing this.

The Dressmaker Trailer on YouTube

The Dressmaker, on IMDB

The Dressmaker (Official)

The Dressmaker Official Facebook Page

The Dressmaker Official Twitter

LOVELY SHOPS: A Pocket of Posies

This Canadian shop sells lovely vintage style, nature-inspired, romantic styled jewelry. Many of the pieces here feature pretty flowers, delicate filigree, hearts or leaves. Besides the necklaces, earrings and bracelets, there are hair combs, bookmarks, and floral bobby pins.

My favorite piece here is this set of Lucite bellflower earrings.


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