Friday, August 26, 2016

The Scents and Breezes of Summer

I'm being mindful to enjoy the scents of summer. Some of my favorites that can be experienced right now are the smell of the ocean and salt air (now that it's warm enough to venture to the beach!); the smell of freshly cut grass after my neighbor kid mows my lawns; the way a warm freshly-picked blackberry smells in the sun; the smell of lavender and basil growing in my herb garden; the way peach ice cream, orange soda and lemon sorbet smell as you're consuming them; the way my cat smells after lounging in the hot sun lazily for a couple hours.

What are some of your favorites? Drop me a note in the comments below!


  • Make socialization plans for your Labor Day Weekend, if you haven't already. Who will you be spending time with over the long weekend? Are you hosting a party, going to someone else's house for a barbecue, picnicing, camping?
  • Need to clean your coffeemaker or espresso machine? Then it will be ready to go for your weekend mornings!
  • Speaking of weekend mornings - it just occurred to me that I'll have plenty of time to prepare myself a lovely brunch, spending extra time luxuriating while eating it outdoors. How about you?
  • It's nearly the weekend - Fill your car with gas if needed, and grab cash at an ATM for a bit of pocket money.
  • Tidy your house for the weekend. Sweep or vacuum front entryway; whisk clutter off dining table and coffee table; empty trash cans throughout the house; fill or empty dishwasher; empty and shine kitchen sink; swap out hand towels in bathrooms for fresh ones as needed; toss dead flowers; recycle magazines etc.
  • Need to do any laundry so your weekend won't be full of laundry-doing?
  • I'm touching up my appearance today, after taking an appraisal of myself. Need to touch anything up? Roots? Nails looking good? Need to remove any chipped nail polish (don't forget your toes?). Need to give yourself a manicure or pedicure today, and possibly shave your legs real quickly? Is it time to do a sugar scrub, exfoliate and moisturize? A hot oil treatment for your hair? Are you wearing something that makes you feel pretty?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Freshening and Refreshing

Rosewater Driftwood Linen and Room Spray, at Caldrea

After being gone so long, I feel like my house is a bit smelly. I hope it doesn't smell like this all the time and I just have gone noseblind to it? Today I'm opening all my doors and windows to let in fresh summer breezes. I'm also going to Febreze my couches and rugs; spray refreshing linen spray on my curtains; launder throw rugs and pet bedding; vacuum and sweep; light a couple lavender candles; and mop the kitchen floor. I'll also take out trash from various trash cans throughout the house.

I think all these things will help a lot, and I'm so grateful it's not too hot to have the windows open!

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Green Apple Perrier

I picked up a six-pack of Green Apple Perrier yesterday while at Tarzhay. I was initially worried that these would taste weird or bitter or too Green apple-y. However, I found them crisp and refreshing. I didn't even get sick of the taste after drinking two last night and one today! These are a limited edition, and I suspect I won't miss them when they are no longer available and I have to go back to drinking regular old Lemon Perrier. Plus, with fall bringing colder temperatures, I'm not likely to drink anywhere near as many cold beverages, so perhaps I won't stock up after these are gone.

Green Apple Perrier, on Amazon

LOVELY BLOGS: Big Girls Small Kitchen

Cara makes "accessible, creative" food in her small city kitchen in NYC. She shares tips on entertaining in such a small space, preventing food waste, and budgeting for parties. Recent posts I've enjoyed include A Simple Summer Salad to Write Home About, How to Make Yogurt Dressing, and Small Batch Blueberry Bars.


As the weather grows colder, I find myself eating toast more often - I finally can stand to have the heat of the toaster in my kitchen! I don't usually put jam on my toast, so I usually just have butter - how boring! Posh Toast will supply ideas for making my morning toast ritual more interesting. I'm eager to try the pistachio and avocado "dukkah" toast," which originated in Egypt.

Posh Toast, on Amazon

LOVELY COSMETICS: Kaleidescape Charcoal Brush Set

It's long past time for me to replace my cosmetics brushes. There's only so many times you can wash them and try to prolong their life. The way I have been flying all across the country lately, my poor cosmetics bag has been squished into suitcases and tossed around. I'm thinking of replacing my nasty old brush set with this lovely set of bamboo wood brushes. I love that they're made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers instead of animal hairs.

The set comes with an allover face brush, a shadow brush, a highlight brush, a cheek brush, and a crease brush.

Mara Hoffman Kaleidescape Charcoal Brush Set, at Sephora


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Summer Rhubarb Muffins with Brown Sugar Streusel (Sweet Poppy Seed)

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