Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mourning Summer in the Beginning of a New Month

I am really going to miss my warm leisurely summer nights, reading magazines outdoors in the fresh evening air!

I really like to enjoy each season in its own time. I don't rush to the store to buy Halloween things before or even soon after Labor Day Weekend. I'm allergic to cinnamon and ginger so I'm not part of the whole "pumpkin spice latte" craze that happens every year around this time. I look forward to autumn, but I want to enjoy summer as long as possible. I'm sad that I've already had to turn the heater on at night, and I'm struggling to decide if I should leave my outdoor office and dining table set up or not. We still could have weeks of warm weather, or we could have weeks of rain. The furniture is heavy and annoying to move in and out of the garage, so I don't want to move it too early or too late!

I'm trying to seize any sunny opportunity I still have to go for walks, serve meals outside, work outdoors on a laptop in the shade, and enjoy summer's breezes. Fall will come too soon for me I'm afraid.


  • It's the beginning of a new month - do you have any bills to pay today? Look over your upcoming month. What family responsibilities do you have? Upcoming doctor or vet appointments? Need to schedule any dentist, doctor, vet or salon appointments for family members?

  • What upcoming birthdays are there this month? Do you need to purchase and mail birthday cards and gifts, arrange to send flowers, or plan parties?

  • Let's think about our financial budget for the month ahead - are we still doing a bit of back to school shopping? Saving money for emergencies? Going out to some dinners? Throwing any dinner parties? Doing any traveling? Early Christmas shopping?

  • I want to also look at my time budget for the month ahead. Do I have time for alone time for myself (reading books and magazines, cuddling with my dogs and watching Netflix), time for friends, a night each week for Family Night? Time for volunteer work?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Using Up Summer Things

French Lavender candle, at Bath & Body Works

I like to live seasonally, and burn appropriate scents that match the seasons. (I don't burn lavender during Christmastime, opting instead for peppermint, pine, cranberry scents, etc). Today I'm gathering up the stubs and whatever remains of the many, many candles I lit outdoors this summer. I'll take a little visual inventory, and be sure when I light candles tonight as I do every evening, I'm using up and enjoying summer-themed scents. I have a pineapple candle, a couple lavenders that smell refreshing now but might be weird once pumpkin spice season starts, and some Brazilian Orchid candles I got for my Olympics viewing party.

I don't want to be showering with Lemon Verbena in the middle of autumn when I could be enjoying caramel, creme brulee, pumpkin or apple cider scents. So I'll be sure to use up my citrus, lavender and rosemary bath and shower gels over the next few weeks. I won't rush to use them up - that would be wasteful - but I'll be mindful that I can't buy any new autumn scents until I've used what I already own!

I'm also harvesting from our garden, eating lovely things we've grown and using my herbs as much as possible while everything is still around and fresh and growing. This winter I'll dearly miss being able to run into my back yard and grab fresh tomatoes and lettuce for a salad.

The last thing I will do today is pick the last of summer's useable blackberries. I can make a pie, some tarts, and probably have enough leftover for jam, if I spend enough time picking.

What summer things is it time for you to use up, put away, or enjoy one last time before the rains come?

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Plum Pomegranate Green Iced Tea

I'm enjoying this iced tea lately. It's a nice bridge flavor between summer and fall. The plum trees in my back yard didn't produce fruit this year, so I had to find another way to enjoy plums this season! I can occasionally find this at Whole Foods, PCC and my local Target.

Plum Pomegranate Green Tea, at Tazo

Case of Plum Pomegranate Green Iced Tea, on Amazon

LOVELY BLOGS: Dessert First Girl

Anita blogs about food (especially desserts) and travel from her Bay Area home. She also shares some San Francisco restaurant reviews that might come in handy if you're planning a visit.

I've enjoyed her recent posts including Strawberry Pistachio Frangipane Tart, Heart of Summer: Peach Rose Tart, and Cinnamon Chocolate Monkey Bread.

LOVELY SHOPS: Songbird Salvation

This shop is so fun to browse through! It's full of darling, whimsical and adorable antiques and retro items. They sell toys and games, vintage paper ephemera, vintage clothing, antique Halloween items, books and jewelry, and retro Christmas items. I'm really enjoying looking through the vintage paper items in particular, and thought you might also have fun checking out this store.


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