Saturday, September 03, 2016

September 2016 Free Online Classes at Lovely Living University

It's a new month and as we head into fall and our kids return to school, I wanted to invite you to go back to school this month as well. Sign up for one of our free 30-day online classes, designed to require just an hour an evening (or less) for you to read articles, watch videos and explore our lovely topics. Here's a brief introduction to our five classes this month, if you'd like to take a look:

Art 105: The Life and Art of Beatrix Potter

We'll look at the life of the artist, including her childhood and education, peer a bit into her secret love affair, learn about her marriage and happy life at Hill Top Farm. We shall learn about how she got her first book published, and we'll read several of her charming children's books together. There are a few surprises about her life we will explore as well. We'll learn about her contributions to the Lakes District, and about her 150th birthday celebrations taking place this year.

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Home Economics 104: Back in Time for Dinner

This is perhaps our easiest and least time-consuming course. We'll watch six episodes of "Back in Time for Dinner." We'll meet the Robshaw family, and learn about five decades of British food and home lifestyle history. As the course progresses, we'll learn about food history, vintage recipes, post-wartime rationing, recent food trends, and look at the future of food in Britain.

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Home Economics 105: Sunday Suppers

In this class, we'll learn about the Sunday Supper tradition, as well as the Great British Roast traditions and the Italian Sunday Gravy tradition. We'll collaborate and brainstorm about ways to throw an affordable, stress-free (or at least as little stress as possible) regular Sunday Supper gathering for our friends and families on a regular basis. We're likely to exchange a lot of recipes and tips for cooking for a crowd, too!

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Media Studies 104: The Sound of Music

For many of us, watching The Sound of Music in the fall has been a family tradition. Join us this month to re-watch the movie (in our own homes), find out more about the real history behind the story and the film, learn about the making of the film and learn trivia from behind-the-scenes. We'll also find out what the Von Trapp Family's descendents have been up to - yes, some of them are singing and performing!

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Music 106: The Life and Music of Kate Bush

In this class, we'll listen to all of Kate Bush's albums, read over her lyrics, chat about her videos, and learn about the singer and songwriter's life and career. Join us during one of our Live Chat events for this class to listen to her music together and chat about her songs.

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